Top 3 Ways to Make Currency in Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum

path of exile ultimatum currency

Path of Exile Ultimatum End-Game Changes

Grinding Gear Games have released their patch notes for the upcoming 3.14 Ultimatum release, and boy, did they hit the end-game hard. Delirium, Delve, Fractured Fossils and more, whereas these changes will drastically slow down the pace of farming for a lot of people, there are still ways to make easy currency. Here I’ll be listing my top 3 ways I’ll be making currency in Path of Exile Ultimatum.

3. Incursion

Incursion received some very nice buffs in 3.14, the Omnitecht received significant drop buffs and is now more likely to drop vials, there are many new room buffs and most importantly, you can turn your temple into a scroll and sell it!

If you focus on creating temple layouts in Glennaich Cairns, you can abuse the atlas passives there and pretty much guarantee a juicy temple at the end of your incursions, no matter how many people do this, the corruption chamber will ALWAYS be in demand as it is simply too powerful, meaning incursion will be great to focus your farming on.

2. Boss Farming

Much of the end-game content was changed to a slower pace, bosses, however, will always remain as one of the best ways to consistently make currency in Path of Exile, especially at league start. If you want to catapult your wealth way ahead of the majority of players at the start of a new league, you should focus on building a character that does not rely on weapons, but instead skill gem levels, builds such as:

  • Summoner Builds (Zombies, Spectre, Golems)
  • Any mine spell skill
  • Totem Builds

These type of builds all scale off of skill gem levels and therefore have a smoother power spike than say, a cyclone build that requires a high pDPS weapon, these aren’t easily accessible at the start of a league.

The best bosses to farm at league start are the Shaper & the Elder, they both have powerful unique drops that are very valuable at the start of the league and both drop fragments towards the Uber Elder fight which are always valuable, typically the Shaper’s fragments will be worth more than a whole shaper set so you are guaranteed to make profit every fight.

The Elder can drop Watcher’s Eye Prismatic Jewels which can be sold unidentified for a good price, usually around 2 exalted orbs, but earlier in the league, you should just identify them as the demand for unidentified eyes will not be very high.

Invitations mean that boss farming will continue to be strong later into the league when people are finally strong enough to take on fights such as The Feared, if you can carry these invitations for people you can also make a ton of currency in fees.

1. Labyrinth Farming

The Eternal Labyrinth was a favoured way to farm long ago in Path of Exile but fell off due to all the nutty end-game content that was added, in Ultimatum 3.14, you will now have the ability to see the enchantments before you actually use the divine font, this is INSANE, you can target unique items or item bases with specific labyrinth enchants, since you can see the modifier before you use the font, as long as you have one base type that the enchant works well with you are guaranteed to make money.

Of course, with this addition the helmets will not be as rare, however, the pool for enchantment modifiers is still extremely large so it may not be as flooded as you’d think.

Here is a short list of helmets and enchants that may be worth a lot of currency in 3.14:

  • Indigon, Hubris Circlet – Arcane Cloak Spends an Additional #% of Current Mana
  • Elder Hubris Circlet ilvl 86 – 40% Righteous Fire Damage
  • Bone Helmet/Elder Bone Helmet ilvl 86+ – Stone Golem/ Carrion Golem/ Raise Spectre’s Deal 40% Increased Damage
  • Abyssus, Ezomyte Burgonet – Cyclone/Flicker Strike Deals 40% Increased Damage

There are many, many different enchants available and it’d probably take me hours to list even 1/10th of them, a good way to check prices is to visit and check out their enchantment section.

Alongside the new enchantment system, Grinding Gear Games have finally put the rare Eternal Labyrinth specific jewels into the game as actual rewards you can get from Izaro’s chests, these will no doubt be worth a lot of currency if you come across one.

Honorable Mention: Harvest

Despite the number of people complaining that “Harvest is dead”, with the consistency you’ll be able to get it, it is still a very powerful tool that, when used correctly, can net you some serious profit. I wouldn’t completely overlook Harvest just because of a few things you’ve read online, it will still be very profitable.