Path of Exile: Ultimatum Challenge League Reveal

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Path of Exile’s Ultimatum allows you to gamble your life for more loot

Grinding Gear Games have announced their newest expansion for 3.14, Path of Exile: Ultimatum. The expansion will be released on Friday, April 16th and will revisit one of their most iconic factions, the Vaal, which allows players to ante up their life, and their loot, for an exciting chance to win, or lose, everything.

Through Path of Exile’s newest league, you’ll encounter the Trialmaster an emissary of a Vaal entity known only as Chaos, the Trialmaster will enact trials through Wraeclast, giving the players a difficult fight that can be escalated with more challenges to improve their rewards. In each trial, there will be a reward, an objective and a selection of modifier which will increase the difficulty of the trial.

path of exile ultimatum challenge league

After successfully completing the objective, you’ll be given an opportunity to cash out the reward or ante up your life and the loot to win additional rewards, however, you will need to add an additional modifier making the fight substantially more difficult, you can repeat this process, making the rewards more valuable each time until you either fail or finally claim your rewards.

New Boss Confirmed

During the Q&A Chris Wilson confirmed there will be a new final boss within Ultimatum, with uniques specific to that boss whom we can only assume to be the Trialmaster.

8 New Gems Introduced to Path of Exile

As always GGG has blessed us with more new skills that we can test out, these skills look as though they mostly focus on low life builds and damage over time, they are:

  • Petrified Blood
  • Corrupting Fever
  • Exsanguinate
  • Reap
  • Arrogance Support
  • Lifetap Support
  • Cruelty Support
  • Bloodthirst Support

Old content renewed!

GGG announced they’d be reworking a lot of the old content that’d been added in the past which is now less relevant due to the ever-expanding Path of Exile leagues and boy have they delivered. From reworking a seven-year-old boss like Atziri to now give fresh, spicy new unique drops, to updating the Emperor’s Labyrinth to be slightly less RNG orientated towards the divine font. GGG hit all the right spots with this one, hats off to them.

Final Thoughts

Ultimatum looks great, the concept of gambling your loot for even better rewards is classic Path of Exile fashion and could potentially be one of my favourite leagues, the complete rework of all of the outdated content is an excellent addition that I can only applaud GGG on, the community has been asking for these changes for a while and it’s good to know that GGG is listening and responding to the player’s requests.