Making 100 Exalts in 7 days in POE Ultimatum

A week into Path of Exile: Ultimatum there’s been tedious login queues, texture streaming issues & people banned for exploits, but despite all this, my league-start has been going extremely smoothly. The league mechanic is simple yet rewarding and despite the overwhelming changes to Path of Exile’s endgame, I’ve managed to accumulate over 100 Exalted Orb’s in my first week pretty casually, here’s how I did it.

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Ultimatum League Starter: Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator

With Ultimatum just around the corner I’ve been wondering, what should I start with? I feel like having a change from the traditional summoner and mine builds that are typically favoured on league start, that’s why I’ve decided to start with a Spectral Shield Throw, max block gladiator.

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Top 3 Ways to Make Currency in Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum

Path of Exile Ultimatum End-Game Changes

Grinding Gear Games have released their patch notes for the upcoming 3.14 Ultimatum release, and boy, did they hit the end-game hard. Delirium, Delve, Fractured Fossils and more, whereas these changes will drastically slow down the pace of farming for a lot of people, there are still ways to make easy currency. Here I’ll be listing my top 3 ways I’ll be making currency in Path of Exile Ultimatum.

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