Making 100 Exalts in 7 days in POE Ultimatum

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A week into Path of Exile: Ultimatum there’s been tedious login queues, texture streaming issues & people banned for exploits, but despite all this, my league-start has been going extremely smoothly. The league mechanic is simple yet rewarding and despite the overwhelming changes to Path of Exile’s endgame, I’ve managed to accumulate over 100 Exalted Orb’s in my first week pretty casually, here’s how I did it.

Video Explanation

How I did it

3. Harvest

Harvest has been nerfed into the ground, you can no longer determine the complete craft of your end-game items which has left a massive amount of the player base feeling disappointed, despite the changes, it’s still very easy to make currency with Harvest due to the amount of free targetted chaos rerolls you can get. I’ve specifically been targetting 3 types of bases to make my currency which include: Cluster Jewels, Stygian Vises & Influenced Rings.

Cluster Jewels

Cluster Jewels are well sought after, they offer significant power spikes to builds and allow for more versatility on the skill tree, with Harvest, you can craft powerful cluster jewels that can sell for over 2 exalts each relatively easy, a lot of these cluster jewels are niche so not many people know how simple it can be to craft them, here are the 2 examples that I’ve personally used, that have netted me over 20 Exalted Orb’s this league:

cluster jewel ultimatum league
Non-Curse Aura Cluster Jewel
stormrider cluster jewel path of exile
Non-Damaging Ailments Cluster Jewel

These two cluster jewel bases at item level 68 and higher can roll these modifiers, rolling “Non-Curse Aura Effects” cluster jewels with critical modifiers in Harvest will guarantee “Precise Commander”, this paired with the modifiers “Vengeful Commander” or “Master of Command” can sell for up to 3 exalts at the time of writing this.

“Effect of Non-Damage Ailments” cluster jewel should be rolled with lightning or cold reforges, until hitting “Cold Conduction” & “Storm Rider”, these are not the only modifiers that go well together with this jewel, so be sure to double check the prices before you roll over some mods! Another popular modifier with these jewels is “Astonishing Affliction”, good luck!

Stygian Vise

Stygian Vise is the ideal belt for most builds, especially at league-start, rolling a Stygian Vise with life, cold, lightning, fire and chaos rerolls can net you some tidy profit if you hit one with tier 1 life and double resistances, these tend to fall in price quite quickly but are very costly near the beginning of the league.

Curse on Hit Influenced Rings

If you get an influenced ring with item level 83, you can roll “more caster” modifiers with Harvest, depending on the influence, this gives you a very high chance to hit a “curse on hit” modifier which is very valuable, especially at the start of the league if you roll one with Tier 1 life and some resistances they can easily sell for 2ex upwards.

2. Betrayal Mechanic

Betrayal has been known as one of the most profitable league mechanics for a long time, and in 3.14, it got even better. GGG significantly nerfed master missions towards the beginning of the Atlas, I took advantage of this by using the “Intelligence Gathering” node in Haewark hamlet to easily obtain Syndicate Safehouses without even doing betrayal at all, which in turn led to an early Mastermind kill. The Mastermind drops significant loot such as veiled items, scarabs & one of her unique drops. I managed to obtain the flask which I sold for a cool 3.2 Exalted Orbs, not bad for passively doing maps.

1. Heist Mechanic

Despite all the nerfs that were received across the world of Wraeclast, Heist was left pretty much untouched, on top of that, it was added to the map device which means we can take advantage of it and make easy currency! I specifically farmed Lira Arthain for the atlas passive “Inside Job” which gives a 100% increased chance for blueprints to drop & 10% chance for them to be fully revealed, I passively farmed maps here such as Toxic Sewers while using the heist option on the map device to obtain a significant amount of contracts and blueprints, once I got bored of running maps I’d run a bunch of contracts then target the “Unusual Gems” and “Replicas or Experimented Items” blueprints, I highly recommend running unusual gems for consistent profit as you will typically make around 80-160c on an average run, with the possibility of hitting a jackpot gem such as Anomalous Precision worth 700c. Replica’s can be quite good because of items like Replica Farrul’s Fur, Simplex Amulets and Cogwork rings, but there are many items that aren’t worth much, if you feel like having a gamble for the bigger rewards, take the replica’s. I managed to net myself a Farrul’s Fur which sold for a tasty 32 exalted orbs.


Hopefully, these tips can help you on your journey! I’m now currently farming end-game bosses such as the Maven, Uber Elder & Sirus. I’ll be running a few projects throughout Ultimatum league to see what is profitable and what isn’t, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel here or follow me on twitch here for more content.