How to use Awakened POE Trade for Path of Exile

Awakened POE Trade is one of the most useful tools you could possibly have, it allows you to easily price check items with the push of a button, as well as offering a multitude of different options to enjoy a smoother Path of Exile experience.

In the following guide, I will cover all the various options for the complete Awakened POE Trade experience, excluding the delve grid and stash tab scrolling as they aren’t useful.

Awakened POE Trade Video Guide:

Downloading Awakened POE Trade

You can download Awakened POE Trade from github here.

Hotkey Functions & Settings

Once downloaded, open up Path of Exile and launch Awakened POE Trade, open up the settings by right-clicking the small icon on your taskbar and selecting settings.

awakened poe trade settings

Once the settings are open you should have a window appear that looks like this:

awakened poe trade settings window

The “Hotkeys” window is where we can assign the hotkeys to specific commands within Awakened POE Trade, such as the price checker, you’ll see we have two options for Price Check, Auto-hide Mode & Open Without Auto-hide Mode.

Price Check Mode

The price checker is used to quickly see the current market values of the item you are searching for, it is the most used feature of Awakened POE Trade. To use it, simply hover over the item you want to check and press your designated hotkey to bring up the price checker, it will look like this:

awakened poe price check

You can then select and de-select the stat modifiers to individually search for items with similar stats, as you can see below I’ve chosen to search for a Watcher’s Eye Prismatic Jewel that provides the modifier “% of damage taken from life before mana while affected by clarity, which significantly changes the prices displayed:

selecting stats in awakened poe trade


The overlay has multiple features to help you in-game, press your designated hotkey to bring up the overlay, it will look similar to this:

overlay awakened poe trade

By clicking on the ellipses you will be given three options, stopwatch, stash search & image strip, since stash tab affinities were added the stash search is redundant so I will not be covering it in this guide.


The stopwatch feature brings up a small stopwatch that overlays on your game, you can use this to time how long it takes you to complete a specific task such as a boss fight or an act run.

You can move, delete, start, stop and refresh the stopwatch when the overlay is open – when the overlay is closed you cannot alter the watch.

Image Strip

The image strip is an in-game Syndicate cheat sheet, this is extremely useful if you are unsure of the rewards you can receive from the betrayal safe-houses.

awakened poe trade image strip

Open Item on Wiki

The open item on wiki feature allows us to, well, open the item on the wiki. This tool is extremely useful if you are unsure on how an item specifically works, for example, Doryani’s Fist grants us Doryani’s Touch skill, however, we do not know the tags that this skill has, by bringing the item up on the wiki we can very quickly find the information we are looking for.

Map Check

The map check setting allows us to double-check maps for dangerous modifiers quickly and easily – there are 5 specific settings for the map check that you can edit under the “Maps” section in the Awakened POE Trade settings.

awakened poe trade map check

There are 5 different modifiers with 3 different settings, amber, red and green, you can alter these settings to warn you whether or not the map is safe for your character quickly.

To use the feature, simply roll the map and then press the Map Check hotkey buttons, it will bring up a screen with a preview of the map & the modifiers.

map check preview awakened poe trade

As you can see, the map has the modifier “Monsters Reflect 18% of Elemental Damage”, the Map Checker has highlighted it as dangerous so you know to re-roll it, this tool is especially useful for Hardcore players.

Open Base Item on Craft of Exile

Opening an item on Craft of Exile, allows you to quickly check the item level requirements for specific item modifiers as well as emulate crafts.

Chat Settings

Awakened POE Trade features a quick reply section which allows us to very quickly respond to trades, invite people, log out & other useful features.

chat settings awakened poe trade

As you can see from the above image, we have a multitude of preset commands and an option to add a command. Simply type in the command you want to be set, bind it to a corresponding hotkey and you’re good to go! Once you press the hotkeys you have set, the commands will automatically be sent in-game.

For a full list of available commands, check out the wiki here.

That concludes the guide for Awakened POE Trade, the other sections that have not been covered do not need to be tampered with so they have not been included in this guide.