How I made 90 Exalts from Heist in Path of Exile 3.14

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Heist has received nerfs and indirect nerfs since its release, you can no longer keep splitting a good blueprint with multiple currency rooms to run over and over, so is it worth the effort to run heist at all? The answer is a resounding yes, and you can do it all yourself like I did!

Video Loot Showcase of 51 Grand Heists

How I did it (Beginner Friendly)

Before you begin following the guide, you should unlock all of your rogues, to do this do normal contracts with specific rogues in this order:

Karst, the Lockpick -> Huck, the Solider -> Niles, the Interrogator -> Videri, the Dismantler -> Giana, the Master of Disguise

Tibbs, the Giant -> Tullina, the Cat Burglar -> Nenet, the Scout

Obtaining Blueprints

Heist is now on the Map Device, to obtain blueprints easily, pick up 4 Platinum Lira Arthain watchstones with the modifier “#% More Blueprints Found in Area” and take the “Inside Job” node in Lira Arthain, run maps using the Heist option (6c per map) in 100 maps you will find around 45 blueprints, some of which may be fully revealed, 230 contracts and you will also pick up many rogue markers (around 1,150 per map).

The Rogue Harbour

Once you’ve obtained enough head to the Rogue Harbour and begin running deception contracts with Giana to obtain reveals from Whakano and discounted reveals from Giana, at level 5 Giana will grant a 40% discount, deception contracts are the fastest as they do not require any doors to be unlocked once you’ve obtained the target, they’re also very rewarding offering Harbinger Currency, Divination Cards and Rings as rewards.

Revealing the Blueprints

To reveal the rooms on the blueprint speak to Whakano and give him the blueprint you wish to reveal, reveals can cost anywhere between 1000-7000 rogue markers, so make sure you have plenty before you begin. Reveal the main wings, any currency rooms and blight rooms as these are the most valuable at this time of writing.

Gearing your Rogues

Your rogues ideally only need two items, a “Foliate Brooch” and “Whisper-Woven Cloak“, these should have item level 83+ so you can roll the important modifiers, there are only two modifiers you need and they are actually very common, I found mine by rolling chaos orbs, which cost me around 100c in total. The modifier we require on the brooch is:

  • Heist Chests have a (13-15)% chance to Duplicate contained Basic Currency

The Modifier on the cloak we require is:

  • (9-12)% reduced raising of Alert Level from opening Chests

I would highly recommend NOT buying these off of trade as they are usually extremely overpriced. You will require one of each for each rogue, however, you can swap them between your rogues if you don’t have the currency to gear all of them, once they’re geared you’re ready to go!

Most Profitable Blueprints

The most profitable blueprints in order, from my personal experience are as follows:

  1. Unusual Gems
  2. Replicas/Experimented Items
  3. Enchanted Armaments
  4. Thieve’s Trinkets/Currency

Of course, this is based on my own information, trialling heist every league since its release, it may differ for you, however, I have found that Unusual Gems gives the most consistent returns when compared to the other three by a landslide.

Running a Blueprint Grand Heist

Once you’ve revealed your rooms you’ll need to choose your rogues and confirm your plans, do this by entering the Planning Room and putting your blueprint into the slot on the desk, you’ll be asked to choose your rogues for the mission, the ideal rogues are Vinderi, Karst, Tullina and Nenet. Vinderi offers a chance to duplicate the contained contents of chests with the drawback of increasing the alert level more when opening them, whilst Karst, Tullina and Nenet offset this by reducing the alert level from opening chests passively.

The cost of running a blueprint will depend on the modifiers on the blueprint, you will want to ensure you roll your blueprints to be rare quality, the harder the mods the less the raising of alert level from opening chests will be, always avoid the modifier “Alert level raises every 0.2 seconds” as this will put you on a timer and hinder your overall loot.

Blueprints are effectively the same as contracts except they have three or four wings and at the end instead of a target you can sell for markers, there will be a useful reward you can use for your character or sell for currency, there is a long list of valuable rewards so make sure you check every one of the items price before deciding. If you find a valuable drop like an Exalted orb you can quickly leave the wing and re-enter as long as the alert level has not gone off, and this will mean it’s no longer “Contraband” so if you die you will not lose it.

Between wings you can leave the Grand Heist to put your loot in your stash and re-enter.

That’s about it, hopefully you make tons of profit and happy hunting, good luck!