Triple Crit Multi Jewel Post-Harvest Nerf

A triple critical strike multiplier jewel is very powerful, they are generally worth a decent chunk of currency as a lot builds in Path of Exile can make use of one.

Approximate Cost

Not much, I can’t place an exact number on it but it’s actually very easy to craft triple crit multiplier jewels, even with the Harvest nerfs, at most, it’ll just cost a little bit of your time.

1. Jewel Type

Before you decide to make your item, choose what type of jewel you want, each jewel has different critical strike multiplier modifiers.

Crimson & Viridian Jewel Critical Strike Multipliers:

  • Cold Skills
  • Whilst Dual Wielding
  • Fire Skills
  • Lightning Skills
  • One-Handed Melee Weapons
  • Two-Handed Melee Weapons
  • Melee
  • Global
  • Elemental Skills
Cobalt Jewel:

  • Fire Skills
  • Cold Skills
  • Lightning Skills
  • Spells
  • Elemental Skills
  • Global
Depending on what skill is meta, if you’re purely doing it for profit, consider just taking the one that can net you more returns.

2. Harvest Chaos (Critical) Spam the Jewel

Search for Harvest crafts and look for “Critical” modifier options, you’ll want to spam “Reforge a rare item with new random modifiers, including a Critical modifier”, do this until you hit two critical multiplier modifiers, it’s actually incredibly common if you get the “critical modifiers are more common” chaos variant.

critical strike multiplier jewel
Two Critical Strike Multipliers Jewel
As you can see from the above image, we have two multipliers and 2 non-crit modifiers.

3. Harvest Augment crit/remove non-crit add crit the Jewel

Once you have a jewel with 2 multipliers, if you have an open prefix or suffix apply an “Augment Crit” craft, you may hit critical strike chance, or you may hit the third multiplier.

You can also use the “Remove-Non/Add” critical modifier option from Harvest to remove any irrelevant modifiers for another shot at that 3rd multiplier, like the one above.

Remove-non add critical fail
Failed the remove non-crit add crit
As you can see both of our attempts to remove-non crit add crit hit chance, unfortunately, that means we’d have to start over.

4. Rinse and repeat until you get the desired result

Of course, it may take a while to make one, but with this method, it is eventually guaranteed as long as you keep at it, it’s one of the best uses I personally found for these crafts, the jewels typically cost around 4ex but can go for much more depending on what you roll.