How To Make a +3 Minion Bow in Path of Exile

In this guide, we’re going to be showing you how to make a +3 Minion Bow like this one:

+3 minion bow poe

This craft will cost around 8.5 Exalted Orbs to complete.

1. Grab an Item-Level 50 6L Short Bow

To get started, you can pick up a 6 linked, item-level 50 Short Bow for cheap thanks to the card “The Porcupine“. The +1 to Level of Socketed Gems modifier only requires item level 50, so this bow is perfect and cheap for making our weapon.

2. Deafening Essence of Fear

The Deafening Essence of Fear will give us the prefix “Minions deal (95-104)% Increased Damage” guaranteed, alongside with this we will need two open prefixes and only one open suffix. You can use methods such as Beast crafting to help speed along the process, removing a prefix and adding a suffix craft specifically.

Keep trying until you have something that looks like this:

+1 pre +2suf minion bow

3. Hitting the +1 Gems

Once we have our bow with two suffixes and one prefix, we need to craft the “Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers” from the crafting bench. This craft will cost you an Exalted Orb.


We now need to use an Exalted Orb on the bow, a cheaper alternative would be to use Leo Level 3+ in Research from the Betrayal mechanic, the only possible outcome will be the +1 to Level of Socketed Gems.

+1 socketed gems poe

4. Bench Crafting the Final Touches

Once we’ve got our +1 gems and minion damage ready, we will need to craft on our “Prefixes Cannot Be Changed” which will cost us 2 Exalted Orbs.

prefixes cant be changed poe

After we’ve crafted the Prefixes Cannot Be Changed modifier, we then need to use an Orb of Scouring on the item, which will subsequently remove all of our suffixes from the item, leaving only the +1 Gems & Minion Damage modifiers.

clean minion bow poe

Finally, we’ll add on our finishing touches with the crafting bench: “Can Have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers” (2 Exalted Orbs), +2 Socketed Support Gems (2 Exalted Orbs) & Minions have (25-28)% Increased Attack and Cast Speed. Finally, buy a “Saqawal, First of the Sky” beast and craft on Aspect of the Avian in the menagerie, if done correctly, your bow should look like this: