How to Make a High DPS (400+) Jewelled Foil

Why a Jewelled Foil Base

When it comes to one-handed swords, the jewelled foil is king. You may have checked other One-Handed Sword bases online and noticed that the Jewelled Foil is not actually the highest level one-handed sword base though, so why do we use it? The higher bases have higher flat phys, better critical strike chance and a better implicit however they have lower APS (Attacks per Second).

one-handed sword APS

This makes the Jewelled Foil superior because attack speed scales better with added damage, leading to higher overall DPS, check out the Path of Building specs:Harpy Rapier DPS:

harpy rapier path of exile

Jewelled Foil DPS:

jewelled foil dps

As you can see, the foil gives a total of 125,440.3 total DPS.

Jewelled Foil Item Level

A Jewelled Foil needs to be item level 83, this is because we cannot hit tier 1 increased physical or hybrid physical damage without it.

Crafting the Foil

Now we’ve got our foil let’s get started.Note: we’ve not included any Harvest crafting methods in this tutorial due to the upcoming nerfs

Quality using Perfect Fossils

To get started grab some primitive resonators and perfect fossils, and begin using them until you hit 30% quality, this can take a while but for the highest possible DPS, we need maximum quality. Depending on your budget it is also okay to hit between 27%-30% quality.

30% quality jewelled foil

Essence or Fossil Crafting

Once we have our 30% quality there are a number of different ways you can craft on the foil, we’ll talk about two of them here.

Crafting using Essences

Deafening Essence of Zeal grants 28-30% increased attack speed to One-Handed Weapons, this is better than the Tier 1 attack speed you could roll naturally, you could try to roll foils with this essence and hope you hit some decent physical modifier rolls. Be mindful if you attempt this as Defeaning Essence’s of Zeal is usually quite expensive at around 7 chaos orbs a pop and the odds of hitting decent rolls are slim.Using this method this is the foil I hit after 10 tries, which would cost about 70c:

essence of zeal jewelled foil

Crafting using Fossils

Using fossils you can target specific craft modifiers and block other modifiers, if you want to attempt to create a foil with this method you must use jagged fossils, we recommend just using primitive resonators and hoping you hit something with them, you could use shuddering as well but considering they are so costly it probably wouldn’t be worth it.Using this method after 110 fossils this was the best outcome I got:

110 jagged fossil foil outcome

Note: If you’re on a low budget using jagged fossils is probably your best bet for creating a decent Jewelled Foil.

Crafting using Basic Currency & Bestiary

The best way to get a good foil is using basic currency and bestiary, be mindful that this will cost a lot of currency.

1. Alteration Spamming

To begin we want to alteration spam our Jewelled Foil until we hit T1 increased physical damage or T1 flat physical damage, the weighting on these modifiers is low so don’t expect to get them easily. If you hit Tier 2 or 3 modifiers and you’re happy with that you can proceed to the next step.

2. Augmentation

There are different ways to approach this depending on how happy you are with the weapon, if you’ve hit Tier 2 or Tier 3, you can use an Orb of Augmentation and hope you hit another good modifier alongside it, if it misses you can start over and start alteration spamming again.If you’ve hit Tier 1 Increased Physical Damage do not augment it as this modifier is way too rare to risk, instead move onto step 3.

jewelled foil with T1 physical damage roll

As you can see above, it took me 336 alterations to hit the desired mod, this was on the low side so I got extremely lucky.

3. Imprinting and Regal

Now we want to make our item rare and hopefully hit a good modifier, to be safe we need to create a magic imprint of our item using Bestiary.Purchase some Craicic Chimeral’s and take your foil to the Menagerie, select the “Create an Imprint of a Magic Item” and put your foil in the altar, defeat the beasts and you’ll receive an Imprint Orb, this allows you to convert your foil back to what it was if you mess up.After you’ve got your imprint orb, proceed to augment and regal, don’t worry if you hit bad modifiers, that’s what we have the imprints for.

jewelled foil augment

Orb of Augmentation Used

jewelled foil regal outcome

Regal Orb Used

4. Orb of Annulment

As you can see, we hit a low tier hybrid physical damage and a poison modifier, we don’t need the poison modifier so now we can use an Orb of Annulment to try to remove it.Our first attempt missed and hit the hybrid physical damage, our second attempt hit the poison

orb of annulment used on foil

If you were to fail on this step and annul the increased physical damage, apply the imprint orb and repeat steps 3 and 4.Note: If you want to make a super high pDPS foil you’d keep doing this method until you hit decent modifiers such as T1/2 hybrid physical, T1 Flat physical.

5. Multimodding with The Crafting Bench

If you’re happy with this, you can proceed to multi-mod your item with the following mods:
  • Can Have Up To 3 Crafted Mods
  • Adds # to # Physical Damage
  • #% Increased Attack Speed, #% To Quality
These mods will give you the most pDPS on a foil, your total pDPS will be between 400-420 depending on your rolls:

multimodded jewelled foil path of exile

Slam a Warlord’s Exalted Orb

If you want to attempt to improve your foil and have an open suffix or prefix, you can use a Warlord’s Exalted Orb and hope to hit one of the following modifiers:Prefix (1 in 5 odds): #% Increased physical Damage, #% Increased Attack SpeedSuffix (1 in 3 odds): #% chance to Maim on Hit, #% increased Physical Damage

warlord suffix slam jewelled foil