Harvest Crafting

Introduction to Harvest Crafting

Harvest crafting was introduced in the Harvest league. It is extremely useful for a plethora of different reasons, it can enable you to create influenced bases, target items with better results for specific modifiers such as chaos or physical and a lot more.

Horticrafting Item Levels

Every modifier you find in Harvest has a certain level, the level of items you use for crafting can be 10 levels higher than the crafting stations at maximum, any item that has an item level higher than 83 will be treated as if it were 83.

How to Use Harvest Crafts

Using a Harvest craft is simple, all you have to do is:

  • Enter a map and find a Sacred Grove
  • Read the options of the premade garden and decide which one you want, initiate the fight by clicking the sickle icon
  • After the monsters are defeated you’ll be able to browse the crafts, from here you can store crafts into your horticrafting station or just use them.