Crafting Triple Elevated Two-Toned Boots

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to make triple elevated Two-Toned boots with Elevated Tailwind, Elusive & Onslaught on Kill like the ones below.

BIS two-toned boots
Triple Elevated Two-Toned Boots

Before we start, this craft may take over 150 Exalted Orbs to complete.

1. The Bases We Need

To get started, we’re going to need two different bases:

We use Hunter-influenced boots for the modifier “You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently“.

Redeemer-influenced boots give us the modifiers “#% Chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike” & “#% Chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill

2. Finding Tailwind & Onslaught

Firstly, we’re going to find the modifier “You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently“, simply grab your Alteration Orbs & spam your Hunter boots until you hit the modifier, this modifier has a weight of 100, so do not be surprised if it takes a while to hit.

Once you’ve hit it, do the same with the Redeemer boots, this time looking for “#% Chance to gain Onslaught for 4 Seconds on Kill“.

Both of these bases will need an open prefix, Onslaught is quite common so you can just try and annul and alteration again if you fail, however, Tailwind is extremely rare so the best course of action is to imprint the boots using the Craicic Chimeral beast & use an orb of annulment – rinse and repeat until you only have Tailwind remaining.

3. Imprinting

Next, we’re going to be adding the second modifier to our boots for elevation. To begin, head over to the crafting bench & craft “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed” on both pairs of boots, they should look like this:

hunter magic boots
Hunter Tailwind Boots
redeemer magic boots
Redeemer Onslaught Boots

Head over to the Menagerie & create an imprint of both pairs of boots, this will allow us to revert our boots back to magic if our Maven’s Orb fails.

4. Rolling the Second Influenced Modifiers

Now we’ve got our imprints, we need to get the second influenced modifier in order to use our Maven’s Orb.

Hunter Boots

For Hunter boots, we will be using the Harvest craft “Reforge a normal, magic or rare item including an Attack modifier”, this will guarantee that we hit a 2nd hunter modifier as there are only 2 modifiers on boots with the “Attack” modifier, and they are both Hunter modifiers.

Redeemer Boots

For Redeemer boots, we will be using the Harvest craft “Reforge a normal, magic or rare item including a Critical modifier“, the only critical modifier on these boots will be the Redeemer mod “#% chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike”.

Note: Ensure your boots only have one additional influenced modifier, if you roll two after the harvest craft, you’ll have to revert using your imprint, imprint again, and try again.

5. Maven’s Orb

Once you’ve got your boots with two influenced modifiers, you’re ready to attempt elevating with your Maven’s Orb. Simply apply the Maven’s Orb to the boots and hope you Elevate the Tailwind & Onslaught. If both modifiers successfully elevate, move on to step 6, if not, go back to step 3.

6. Awakener’s Orb

Next, we’ll be merging the two boots together using the Awakener’s Orb, simply apply the Orb to the redeemer boots first (The Awakener’s Orb destroys the first item you choose) & apply it to the Two-Toned base, this will merge the elevated modifiers together onto the Two-Toned boots & generate random modifiers. Your boots should look something like this:

awakeners orb two-toned


If your boots roll an open suffix, you can guarantee a resistance modifier by doing the following steps:

  • Bench craft “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed
  • Harvest craft “Reforge a normal, magic or rare item including a lightning modifier

If you’re unhappy with your suffix, you will have to start over with a new pair, if not, move on to step 7.

7. Elevating Elusive

Now our suffixes are finally finished, we can begin to work on the Elevated Elusive. To begin, craft “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed” and Harvest craft “Reforge a normal, magic or rare item including a Critical modifier“.

This guarantees the Elusive modifier, you will need two open prefixes alongside the Elusive, if you roll a second modifier you’ll have to repeat the step. Your boots need to look like this:

elusive + double elevated

If you have two open prefixes, we need to get a second influenced modifier, there are a couple of ways to do this below.

Augment Influence

This is the easiest way to get a second influenced modifier, however, this can be very expensive to buy – you’ll likely need to purchase this from somebody from The Forbidden Trove, ensure the person is trusted and you are comfortable trading your item and currency to them.

Beast Slamming

Beast slamming is an effective way to hit a second influenced modifier, you’ll need 3 specific beasts in order to beast slam your boots, they are:

  • Fenumal Queen
  • Craicic Maw
  • Craicic Watcher

In order to have the highest possible chance to hit an influencer modifier with this method, you’ll need to use item-level 83 beasts, simply craft “+# to Maximum Mana” and fight the beasts in the menagerie by selecting one of the following recipes:

beast slam poe

This is effectively a cheaper Exalted Orb slam, using item-level 83 beasts will not allow you to hit modifiers higher than item-level 83, which gives you better odds than a raw Exalted Orb slam or Leo slam.

If you do not hit an influenced modifier, you’ll have to craft “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed” and Harvest craft “Reforge a normal, magic or rare item including a Critical modifier” and repeat the step until you hit it.

8. Maven’s Orb Elusive

Once you’ve hit a second influenced modifier, you need to recraft “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed” and attempt to Maven’s Orb to elevate the Elusive, if you miss, repeat step 7. If you succeed, proceed to step 8. Your boots should now look like this:

triple elevated two-toned boots

9. Aisling Tier 4

Our final step is to get the movement speed, this can be extremely difficult and cost a lot of currency if you fail multiple times.

For this step, we’ll require Betrayal, specifically, Aisling in Research at tier 4. You can purchase Aisling 4 off of The Forbidden Trove, be sure you are comfortable trading the person and they are extremely trusted as these boots are worth a lot already.

You should still have a “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed” from step 8, simply apply the Aisling to your boots and pray that she removes the “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed”, this is a complete 50/50 – if you remove the elusive, go back to step 7, if not proceed to step 10.

If succesful, your boots should look like this:

aisling triple elevated

10. Unveiling Movement Speed + Finishing Touches

Unveiling Movement Speed is extremely likely, to hedge your odds, craft “+# to Maximum Mana” on your boots and take them to Jun, you have over a 50% chance to hit Movement speed.

Unveil and select the correct modifier, if you do not have Movement Speed, go back to step 7, if you have it, congratulations!

Your boots are now practically finished, touch them up by crafting “+# to Maximum Life” from the crafting bench. Your finished boots should look something like this:

final triple elevated boots

Congratulations, enjoy your new, extremely expensive boots!