Crafting Elevated Culling Strike/Frenzy Warlord Gloves

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to craft the end-game +1 Maximum Frenzy Charge/Elevated Culling Strike gloves as shown below:

elevated culling strike gloves

Before beginning, this craft is estimated to cost around 400 Exalted Orbs to complete.

Video Guide

Step 1. Choosing your Base

First, the base we are going to be using for this craft is Spiked Gloves with an item level of 76, by using an item level 76 base we are able to still obtain Tier 1 Attack Speed & significantly improve our chances of hitting our desired mods by blocking specific higher tier mods.

Step 2. Fossil Spamming

To begin the craft, we will be using 3 fossils, corroded, shuddering & hollow as well as a powerful chaotic resonator. With this combination of fossil’s we’re able to hit increased attack speed fairly often, as well as a guaranteed abyssal socket, our desired outcome should look like this:

culling gloves part 1

Next, we need to craft a prefix so they are full and then slam with a Warlord’s Exalted Orb, since our only open affix is a suffix, we greatly improve our chances of hitting Culling Strike. Your gloves should hopefully look like this:

elevated gloves part 2

If you fail to hit the culling, buy a new base and start over, if you succeed, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3. Elevating the Culling

To elevate the culling strike we’re going to need another influenced modifier on the gloves, this is extremely easy to achieve. First, we will need to craft “Suffixes Cannot be Changed” on the crafting bench, then we’ll be using the Harvest craft “Reforge a rare item including a caster modifier” – this will guarantee to hit the Warlord “Increased Spell Damage” modifier as below:

culling spell dmg

Now apply the Maven’s Orb and hope you remove the Increased Spell Damage, elevating the Culling Strike, if it hits, it will look like this:

culling elevated

Step 4. Getting +1 Frenzy Charge

Next, we’ll be getting +1 Frenzy Charge on the gloves, this step will be quite expensive as we’ll need to craft “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed” and using the harvest craft “Reforge a rare item including an influence modifier, influence modifiers are more common“, it’s extremely likely you’ll need to do this step multiple times. Once you hit, your gloves should hopefully look like this:

+1 frenzy spiked gloves

Step 5. Finishing Touches

It is possible you’ll hit additional prefixes along with the +1 Maximum Frenzy Charges, if the modifier is good enough for you, you can craft maximum life and you’re finished – if you’re unhappy with the modifier and have excess currency, you can attempt to Aisling the modifier, you’ll have to craft “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed” before you do this.

Beware, this can remove the +1 Maximum Frenzy Charge and you may have to repeat Step 4.