Crafting a High PDPS +2 Arrow Bow

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to craft a high physical DPS bow with the bow attacks fire 2 additional arrows suffix as shown below:

Before we begin, this craft can cost a minimum of 150 Exalted Orbs to complete, however, it’s possible it could take a lot more.

Step 1. Choosing the Base

To begin, the base we’re going to be using is an item level 86 Spine Bow, this is because it has the best balance between APS and Critical Strike Chance compared to the other bows. You should aim for a base that has +2 Additional Arrows already crafted, with 2 other suffixes. Click here for a direct link to this option

Step 2. Fracturing the Bow

Next, we’ll likely be using The Forbidden Trove to purchase a 1/3 Suffix Fracture attempt via Harvest. Ensure when choosing a seller that they are trusted and you are comfortable trading your currency to them. If all goes well, you should eventually fracture the “Bow Attacks Fire 2 Additional Arrows” suffix.

Step 3. 30% Quality

After we’ve fractured our bow, we need to set the quality at 30%, we can do this easily by using the Perfect Fossil & Primitive Chaotic Resonator’s until we hit 30% quality – once achieved, your bow should now look like this:

high pdps spine bow 1

Step 4. Essence Spam

Now that we have a solid base, we can begin to look for our physical modifiers, the easiest way to do this is via Deafening Essence of Contempt. This will guarantee a flat physical modifier that is almost equivalent to a tier 1 flat physical roll. In conjunction with this, we’ll need to roll a high tier modifier of hybrid physical (T4 or higher) like below:

high pdps spine bow 2

Step 5. Veiled Increased Physical Damage

For this next step, we’re going to be using a Veiled Chaos Orb to try and achieve the “#% Increased Physical Damage” modifier.

First, we’ll need to make sure we have an open suffix – if you do not, you’ll need to annul one of the suffix modifiers to continue.

Next, head over to the crafting bench and craft “Prefixes Cannot Be Changed” and slam your Veiled Chaos Orb onto the bow.

We’re looking to achieve a veiled prefix modifier in order to reveal the Increased Physical Damage modifier, if you get a veiled suffix, you’ll have to repeat the step again.

Once you’ve gotten the prefix, head over to Jun and unveil, you should hopefully have a physical option and your bow should look like this:

high pdps spine bow craft 3

If you fail to get the Increased Physical Damage modifier from the unveil, you’ll have to repeat the step.

Step 6. Tier 1 Attack Speed

After we’ve achieved the desired prefixes, it’s time to add our tier 1 Attack Speed. The easiest way to do this is by crafting “Prefixes Cannot Be Changed” & using the harvest “Reforge a rare item including a speed modifier seed.

Repeat this step until we have the desired result, you’ll need to make sure you have an open suffix along with the attack speed modifier.

Your bow should look like this once you’ve completed this step:

high pdps spinebow craft 4

Step 7. Finishing Touches

Your bow is almost done! Now we just need to craft “#% Increased Critical Strike Chance” from the crafting bench & divine the affixes to your liking & you’re done!

Additionally, you can attempt to use a Tempering Orb to try and enchant your bow with “Physical Modifiers Have 8% Increased Effect”, however, this is usually extremely expensive.