Bestiary Crafting in Path of Exile

What is Bestiary Crafting?

Bestiary crafting is a part of the Bestiary league mechanic, specific beasts you capture can be used to help craft your end-game items with powerful crafting effects you wouldn’t normally be able to use, these beasts are usually rare, expensive to buy and can be difficult to come across in SSF.

Splitting Items

Bestiary allows us to split an item into two different items putting half the mods on each, this is useful because it allows us to make an exact copy of a base, keeping sockets & socket colours exactly the same. A lot of people use this craft to make copies of 6 linked chests with off colours. This craft cannot be used on influenced, fractured, synthesised or items with enchantments.The unique beast required for this craft is called “Fenumal Plagued Arachnid” and requires 3 other rare beasts.

fenumal plagued arachnid path of exile

Fenumal Plagued Arachnid

Creating an Imprint

Thanks to Bestiary it is possible to create an imprint of a magical item, this means when we have an item with a extremely rare mod (i.e tier 1 increased physical damage), we can use Bestiary to create an imprinted version of that item, if we were to Regal Orb it and hit a terrible mod, we can safely try to annul it without any fear of hitting our physical damage modifier, if we hit the physical damage we can then use the imprint to restore the item to how it was when we initially imprinted it.

imprint mechanic from bestiary league

The unique beast required for this craft is called “Craicic Chimeral” and requires 3 other rare beasts.

craicic chimeral path of exile

Craicic Chimeral

Remove/Add Suffix/Prefix

There are two special crafts Bestiary offers us, remove a random suffix and add a random prefix and vice-versa. These crafts can be useful if you already have a good prefix and a terrible suffix, you can attempt to reroll the suffix into a better prefix for free and vice-versa, I would only recommend using this craft if you don’t mind bricking the item and having to start again as it is more something you’d use at the start of crafting an item.The unique beast required to Add a Prefix and Remove a Suffix is called “Farric Wolf Alpha” and requires 3 other rare beasts.The unique beast required to Add a Suffix and Remove a Prefix is called “Farric Lynx Alpha” and requires 3 other rare beasts.