Basic Crafting

What is Basic Crafting?

Basic crafting is the rawest form of crafting, using the basic currency drops to craft items in Path of Exile.

Before You Get Started

Before you get started crafting, you should know a few key things about items.

Base Types

Base types are the name of the type of item you are crafting on.

what is a base type path of exile


An item is defined by its properties, it has a prefix and a suffix, depending on the item rarity they can have up to 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes on one item.


An implicit is significant to that particular item base, it cannot be changed to another modifier in normal circumstances. The implicit sits above the affixes of an item & the only way to change an implicit on any item is using a Vaal Orb.

Explicits: Prefixes & Suffixes

Prefixes & Suffixes are explicit modifiers, they can be changed using a variety of methods. Depending on the rarity of the item, it can have up to a total of six affixes, including three prefixes and three suffixes, magic items can have two affixes, one prefix and one suffix, and rare items can have six.

explicit suffixes and prefixes path of exile

Item Levels

In Path of Exile, every item will have an “Item Level”, this determines what modifiers you can roll on an item, you can see the item level of an item by holding down the “alt” key in-game. For a full list of item modifiers, click here.

Modifier Tiers

Explicit affixes can have tiers, tiers affect the numerical ranges of an affix, the lower the tier number, the better the affix. Tiers can be limited to the items Item Level, you can double-check the required item levels for modifiers here.

The Crafting Bench

The Crafting Bench allows players to craft an affix onto an item & modify sockets at the cost of basic currency, it is found in a players hideout. Affixes crafted from the bench are displayed in a brighter colour than usual mods, an item can usually have only one crafted mod, however, using the “Can Have Up To 3 Crafted Mods” craft, it can have 3 including that mod itself.

How to Basic Craft Using Currency

Let’s look at an example of basic crafting, this is the most common method people will use to make an item usually.

1. Getting a Base

First you’re going to need a solid base, there are a plethora of items you can craft on, for this, we’re going to be using a Jewelled Foil – we’re not aiming to make a “GG 600 pdps” foil in this guide, we’re just outlaying the basics of crafting in general.Get a “Jewelled Foil” base with a high Item Level, for Tier 1 “Increased Physical Damage” we need an item level 83 base, so let’s start with that.

2. Transmutate and Alteration Spam

To start you want to use an Orb of Transmutation to make the item magic, then begin using alterations until you hit a modifier you’re happy with.

jewelled foil t2 attack speed

3. Orb of Augmentation

As you can see, above we hit Tier 2 attack speed which is a suffix and a decent modifier for now. We have an open prefix so we could hit physical damage using an Orb of Augmentation, in this instance, we hit added cold damage which is useless to us:

jewelled foil fail aug path of exile

Because this is not good for us, we’d carry on using Orb of Alterations until we hit something good again, we repeat this process until we get something we are happy with.

4. Regal Orb

Lets say for now, we’ve hit the modifiers we desire, we can now make this rare by using a “Regal Orb”

jewelled foil stage 4 path of exile
Before Regal Orb

jewelled foil stage 4 part 2 path of exile
After Regal Orb

As you can see we hit T1 Dexterity which is kind of useless, if the other 2 modifiers were super good you could use an Orb of Annulment to try to get rid of the dexterity.

5. Orb of Annulment

As you can see we used the Orb of Annulment and subsequently it removed the dexterity, this is completely random and will not always hit the desired mod.

jewelled foil stage 5 path of exile

If you are unhappy here you can Orb of Scouring and start again if not, move onto step 6.

6. Crafting Bench

On end-game items, if you are happy with the outcome so far you may have 3 open affixes to be crafted on, typically you will use the bench modifier “Can have up to 3 crafted mods” on super end-game items only, it allows you to craft 2 additional modifiers to your item like so:

crafting jewelled foil stage 6 path of exile

As you can see we crafted on Attack Speed and flat physical damage, this makes this particular foil 328 pdps, which isn’t terrible but with a lot more effort you can make up to 500+pdps using this method.Note: Be aware that using these crafted mods can be quite pricy so make sure you do not use them on any old weapon, I’ve used it here as an example only.