How to Make a +3 Chaos DoT Bow

In this guide we’ll be showing you how to make a +3 Chaos DoT Multi Bow for a Toxic Rain build like this one:

Approximate Cost

This item may take around 10 or more Exalted Orbs to craft

Crafting Guide

1. Item Level Base & Bow Base type

For a DoT Multi bow we need an item level 82 or higher Grove Bow, Thicket Bow or Short Bow to hit the Tier 1 Damage over Time Multiplier modifier.

2. Rolling The First Modifiers for the Bow

First you want to roll specifically for 2 suffixes which we preferably want to be “Damage over Time Multiplier” and “Increased % Attack Speed”, there is no fast way to get this. You’ll have to alt & regal spam, chaos spam + annuls or harvest spamming, this is where you’ll spend the majority of your currency.

+3 chaos dot bow craft 2 modifiers

3. Adding the +1 Socketed Bow Gems

Once you’ve obtained the two suffix modifiers you’ll need to craft the modifier “Cannot roll attack modifiers” on your crafting bench, once you’ve done this you can exalt and you will hit +1 level of socketed gems with 100% as there will be no other modifiers you’ll be able to hit.

+3 cannot roll attack modifiers

4. Multimodding the Bow

The final step is simply crafting on “Can Have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers” and adding +2 Level of Socketed Support Gems & Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier.

+3 chaos dot bow craft complete

And you’re all done, enjoy your new +3 chaos multi bow!