How to Make a +2 Skill Gem Convoking Wand

In this guide we’re going to be showing you how to make a +2 convoking wand like this one:

+2 convoking wand poe

Making a +2 convoking wand for a summoner build is really simple yet the item is extremely powerful, for this, we’re going to be using fossil crafting.

1. Grab a low item level base

If we grab an item level 75 base we can hit the following mods:

AffixItem levelAffix Tier
+1 All Minion Skill Gems601
+1 All Spell Skill Gems501
Minions have (20-22)% increased Attack Speed, Minions have (20-22)% increased Cast Speed722
Minions deal (70-74)% increased Damage642

Note: The reason we want item level 75 and not 72 is because “Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill” craft can only be used at item level 75.

If you want the chance to hit T1 Minion Damage & Attack/Cast Speed you will need item level 84, but the odds of hitting it are extremely low so it’s better to use a lower item level wand.

Note: The base must not be influenced as it adds more useless mods to the pool

2. Get the Fossils & Resonator

The fossils we’re going to be using are Jagged, Corroded, Shuddering & Metallic, with these fossils we’ll be removing the following mods from the pool:

  • Mana Modifiers
  • Chaos Modifiers
  • Physical Modifiers
  • Elemental Modifiers

With these mods removed we’ll only be able to hit 4 possible prefixes, Spell Damage, +1 Spell/Minion Skill Gems & Minion Damage.

Since we’re using 4 fossils we need a prime chaotic resonator.

Apply those fossils until you hit the +2, it takes on average 13 tries but it’s all RNG at the end of the day, you could hit it in 1 or in 20.

3. Getting Minion Attack & Cast Speed

To easily get the modifier “Minions have #% to Attack/Cast Speed” you must first have an open suffix and no open prefixes.

Start by bench crafting “Prefixes Cannot be Changed“, next, hit the item with a Veiled Chaos Orb & unveil at Jun and hope you have the “Minions have #% to Attack/Cast Speed” modifier, if not, repeat the step until you find the desired result.

Fractured Wand

You can apply the same method to a wand with a fractured Incursion modifier “Minions have #% chance to deal double damage.”, the modifier can cost up to 20 exalted orbs if you buy it already fractured. However, if you get a Wild Thornfruit in Harvest and fight Ersi, Mother of Thorns, you may be able to buy a normal unfractured wand with that modifier and attempt to fracture it yourself, if you succeed with the fracture, apply the method above until you get +2 and you have an extremely powerful end-game weapon.

Good luck exile.