Crafting Guides

Different Crafting types

There are many different ways to craft on Path of Exile, we’ve given a brief overview of the most commonly used ways in the table below.

Crafting TypeSummary
Basic CraftingIntroduction to basic crafting.
Fossil CraftingAn introduction to Fossils and what they do.
Harvest CraftingAn introduction to Harvest crafting.
Bestiary CraftingAn introduction to Bestiary crafting.

Specific Item Crafting Guides

Below you’ll find a variety of crafting guides for specific builds on Path of Exile.

CraftItem Base TypeVideo Guide
+2 Skill Gem Convoking WandWandNo
+3 Chaos DoT BowBowNo
High DPS Jewelled FoilOne-Handed SwordNo
Triple Elevated Two-Toned BootsBootsYes
+3 Minion BowBowNo
Elevated Culling Strike & Frenzy GlovesGlovesYes
High pDPS +2 Arrow BowBowYes
The 12 Link ClawClawYes