Trading in Path of Exile

The Trade Website

Trading in Path of Exile is simple, there are two websites you can use, or both are equally as good.

Trading Players

Trading players is simple, all you have to do is message a player and wait for their response to buy an item. To do this just search the item you’re looking for on one of the aforementioned trade websites and click “Whisper”.

trade site whisper path of exile

The message will automatically copy in the user’s native language and you can paste it in-game, await their response and you’ll receive an invite, accept and then join their hideout, you can do this by right-clicking their picture and selecting “Visit Hideout”, alternatively click the blue portal swirl to teleport to their location. They will then send you a trade request, just accept and add the currency the item was listed for, double-check the item is the exact one you asked for before accepting and then confirm the trade.

trade window path of exile

What does “1.8 Exalted Orb” mean?

Currencies in Path of Exile have different values, some are worth a lot more than others, you will notice in the trade website something may be listed for values such as “1.5 Exalted Orb”, this means they want an Exalted Orb and other currency that is equal to half an Exalted Orb. You can check the currency conversion rate on the “Bulk” trade section of the trade website.

bulk trading in path of exile

As you can see from the image above, 1 Exalted Orb here is worth 100 Chaos Orbs, this means 1.5 Exalted Orbs is 150 Chaos Orbs. You can use the bulk trading system to swap currencies with other players.

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