The Labyrinth

An Introduction to The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a dungeon in Path of Exile where the layout is randomly generated & changed every day, it is required to reach your characters ascended class. The Labyrinth is filled with monsters, traps, puzzles and the boss Izaro. There are 4 different stages of The Labyrinth, Normal, Cruel, Merciless & Uber. The Normal lab allows your character to unlock their ascendancy class, the subsequent labyrinths each grant 2 additional Ascendancy Skill Points upon completion.

The Labyrinth Layouts

The Labyrinths rooms have randomly generated tilesets, however, the rooms remain the same for 24 hours. You will have to make your way through a series of traps and doors in order to fight Izaro, you will encounter him 3 times in a Labyrinth run, the first fight ends when Izaro reaches 2/3 HP & the second ends when he hits 1/3 HP, in the final fight you will kill Izaro. An excellent guide for the daily layout changes can be found at


There are a series of different traps through the labyrinth, these traps typically deal physical damage that scale with your life and energy shield pool, scaling physical damage reduction will reduce their damage dealt.

Blade Sentries

Blade sentries are large circular traps that move in a particular pattern on the ground or in the air, they deal more damage the closer to the centre of the blade you are, they are extremely dangerous if you are caught in the middle of one for a few seconds you will most likely die.

blade sentry trap labyrinth path of exile

Cleaver Traps

Cleaver Traps are not found outside of the labyrinth, they are large blades that are typically found in narrow corridors, they periodically slam their blades onto the path dealing physical damage and inflicting bleeding to anyone that his hit, if you are hit and do not have a staunching flask make sure you stand still until the bleed is gone or you may kill yourself.

Dart Traps

Honestly, the least worrying of the traps. They are positioned on walls and periodically fire projectiles, there are also some trap tiles you can stand on to launch a barrage of darts. If hit you will receive physical damage, be inflicted with poison and be slowed for a short duration.

dart trap path of exile

Furnace Traps

Furnace traps usually cover large areas and periodically heat up the floor, they also may contain “cremator’s” which spawn skeleton enemies that are unaffected by the furnace floor. Furnace traps deal burning damage

furnace trap path of exile

Sawblade Traps

The Sawblade traps always run along straight paths cutting anything that stands on top of them, they deal large amounts of physical damage but are very easy to dodge, there are often levers to pause sawblades for a few seconds to easily pass them by.

saw blade trap path of exile

Spike Traps

Spike traps cover a small square area and shoot out of the ground, impaling your character if you’re on top of them. They are usually on a timer that is fairly easy to keep track of or sometimes have a pressure plate on top of them. Spike traps deal 25% of your total hp/energy shield as physical damage and inflicts bleeding, you are unable to move until the spikes go back down if you are impaled.

spike traps path of exile

Spinning Blades Traps

Spinning Blade traps are similar to saw blades, however, they sometimes have paths that allow them to go diagonally & around corners, they deal large amounts of damage in a high area around them. There will often be levers accompanied by the spinning blades to change their pathing.

spinning blades path of exile

Uber Lab Specifics

Sentinel Traps

Sentinel traps are totem-like devices you will encounter in the Uber Labyrinth trails & lab itself, they apply different effects depending on the type of sentinel & can be killed for a few seconds before they respawn. Below are the skills they can potentially cast:

  • Endless Drought: removes flask charges.
  • Endless Hazard: casts multiple circles that deal physical damage equal to 20% of life + 12% of ES (if ES is protecting life) when a movement skill is used. The damage can be mitigated, but not avoided.
  • Endless Pain: casts an aura that applies 50% increased damage taken.
  • Endless Sting: causes bleeding.
  • Unending Fire: casts Fire Nova.
  • Unending Frost: casts Ice Nova.
  • Unending Lethargy: casts Temporal Chains as an aura.
  • Unending Storm: casts Shock Nova.

sentinel traps uber lab path of exile

Labyrinth Rewards

Upon defeating Izaro you’ll be granted access into the Ascendancy Chamber, on the Normal labyrinth this will unlock your Ascendancy class, Cruel, Merciless & Uber will grant 2 additional ascendancy skill points each, to receive the points you must interact with the Altar of Ascendancy near the exit of the Labyrinth. The chamber also contains 10 treasure chests that contain random loot, these can only be unlocked with “Treasure Keys” you have found throughout the labyrinth, these keys can be found after completing puzzles and Izaro will drop at least one key on death.

The Divine Font

The Divine Font is the money maker of the Labyrinth, they grant pieces of your equipment special “enchantments” that grant additional stats and effects, typically to make money from the Lab, players will run the uber labyrinth and enchant endgame helmet bases in attempts to hit a good enchant, for example, an item level 86 Hubris Circlet with “Ice Nova deals 40% increased damage” which can be worth up to 30 exalts in some leagues. Different stages of the Labyrinth offer different enchant rewards:

  • Normal Lab: Glove Enchantments
  • Cruel Lab: Gloves & Tier 2 Boots Enchantments
  • Merciless Lab: Gloves, Tier 1 Boot Enchantments & Tier 2 Helmet Enchantments
  • Uber Lab: Gloves, Tier 1 Boot & Helmet Enchantments.

As of Path of Exile 3.14 you can now receive a random pool of three enchants that you can then choose from, this has made the Labyrinth’s Divine Font extremely powerful for farming currency.

For a list of possible enchantments, check out the list here.

Uber Labyrinth Variants

Thanks to Harvest we have a way of enriching our “Offering to The Goddess”, allowing us to make a more powerful Uber Labyrinth version that grants additional rewards. These Labyrinths grant monster’s & Izaro attack, cast speed, health & movement speed, as well as amplifying damage taken from traps, so ensure your character is strong and tanky before trying to take one of them on. The alternate offerings are called Tribute, Gift & Dedication to The Goddess, they all offer additional rewards upon completing the labyrinth:

  1. Gift to The Goddess: Six additional uses of The Divine Font
  2. Tribute to The Goddess: Greater labyrinth chest rewards
  3. Dedication to The Goddess: Belt enchantment from The Divine Font

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