The Atlas & Progressing It

Welcome to The Atlas

If you’ve made it this far it means you’ve completed the campaign acts and have finally reached mapping, nice! Now the real game begins, The Atlas.The Atlas is a major component towards Path of Exile’s end-game, after completing the act campaign you’ll be asked to meet with Kirac in the Karui Shores, it’s there that you will encounter the Map Device & begin your ascent into the Atlas.

What Are Voidstones?

Voidstones are items that enhance The Atlas, the more Voidstones you have socketed into your Atlas, the higher tier your atlas maps become, obtaining all four Voidstones will make your entire Atlas map tiers 16. Voidstones can be modified by sextants to further increase the difficulty, mob density and quantity of maps in a specific region. Each Voidstone passively grants a 25% chance for maps in areas to drop 1 tier higher.

How To Get Voidstones

Obtaining Voidstones is part of the quest-line in The Atlas, they drop from the various end-game bosses upon their first defeat, they are as follows: The Eater of Worlds, The Searing Exarch, The Maven & The Uber Elder.

The Atlas Passive Tree

The Atlas Passive Tree is a new addition to Path of Exile as of 3.17, it allows you to play Path of Exile best tailored to your preferences by offering various different modifiers that will affect all of your maps (except unique maps unless specified).

Completing map bonus objectives will grant you one Atlas passive skill point, additionally, completing maven invitations such as The Formed, The Twisted, The Feared, The Elderslayers, The Forgotten & The Hidden & the endgame Maven, Exarch, Eater & Uber Elder fights aswell as “The Atlas” questline will also grant atlas skill points, up to a maximum of 132 in total.

Path of Exile Atlas Skill Tree

How to Progress The Atlas

When it comes to progressing through the Atlas, as of 3.17, it’s as simple as completing map objectives that you have not yet completed. Each tier of map has a different objective, a map objective can be seen by hovering over the chosen map and holding the “Alt” key like so:

Map Bonus Objective

In order to obtain more different maps for more skill points, there are certain Atlas Passive points you should take to ensure dropping higher tier maps, they are as follows:

Shaping the Skies POE

Shaping The Mountains POEShaping The Valleys POE Shaping the Seas POE

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