Synthesis League Mechanics

Introduction to Synthesis League

Synthesis league was introduced in Path of Exile 3.6, Synthesis was an extremely rewarding league, however, many players found it was too long-winded & difficult so the majority of the league mechanics were not introduced into the main Path of Exile game, however, we will cover those that did remain in this section.

Fractured Items

Fractured items contain one locked affix on a piece of equipment, the locked affix cannot be modified through any method at all. An item with a good fractured modifier can be extremely valuable because they offer much more flexibility when it comes to end-game crafting, some bases can go for upwards of 20 Exalted Orbs for just the fractured mod alone. Influenced items cannot have a fractured modifier.

fractured jewelled foil t1 physical damage

A Fractured Jewelled Foil with Tier 1 Physical Damage

Synthesised Items

A synthesised item is a base that contains a special implicit, the pool of implicit modifiers you can potentially get is huge which means the majority of modifiers will be useless, however, there are some extremely valuable modifiers that can be worth up to a mirror.

explode synthesised modifier path of exile

A Synthesised Item With One of the Rarest Implicits

Synthesis Maps

There are 5 exclusive unique Synthesis maps that remain in Path of Exile’s main core game.

  • Altered Distant Memory, Siege Map
  • Augmented Distant Memory, Courthouse Map
  • Rewritten Distant Memory, Basilica Map
  • Twisted Distant Memory, Park Map
  • Cortex, Relic Chambers Map
The maps are all synthesised variants of normal maps, they can be obtained from Zana in your hideout, drops from map bosses or Zana can offer them as part of her Atlas Mission.

Cortex, Relic Chambers

The end-game boss of the distant memory maps is inside the Cortex map, you can find a guide on how to defeat him here.

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