Setting Up a Loot Filter in Path of Exile

What is a Loot Filter?

In Path of Exile, you’ll encounter hundreds of thousands of item drops in a league, but most of these items are utterly worthless. A loot filter does what it says on the tin, it filters the loot dropped, making it easier for us to decipher what’s valuable and what isn’t.

How to Get a Loot Filter

To get a loot filter is very easy, first, head over to FilterBlade.

Next, Select your filter type, Normal or Semi-Strict is fine for beginners

filter options filterblade

You can adjust the style and sounds if you like, but for now, just use the normal set up. Next, head to the download page, you’ll have 2 options: Sync with POE or Download, personally I choose to sync it as it’s very quick and easy, but the choice is up to you, if you choose to download just follow the onscreen instructions on FilterBlade.

filterblade sync with poe

Sync With Poe Option

If you’re syncing with POE you’ll have to sign in with POE and authorize FilterBlade to use your Path of Exile account, don’t worry it’s perfectly safe.

Once you’re signed in, click “Sync with PoE” it will bring up a box where you can add a new filter.

filterblade add new filter

Select add a new filter, and choose a name for your filter and apply.

filterblade name filterblade

Head to Path of Exile, check the bottom of your UI tab and under “List of Item Filters” your new filter should be there, enjoy.

filter name UI completed

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