Price Checking in Path of Exile

What is Price Checking?

In Path of Exile, you will get many, many good drops, you can sell these items for significant currency to improve your character, but how do we know how much they’re worth? For uniques it’s quite simple, you can search their name on the Path of Exile trade website and check what others are listing it for and you have your price, rare items, on the other hand, can be a little bit trickier. Here we’ll show you the basics of price checking.

Awakened POE Trade

Awakened POE Trade is an application designed by SnosMe that many players, myself included, use to speed up checking the prices of items. You can download it here.

How To Price Check With Awakened POE Trade

To use Awakened POE Trade to price check an item all you have to do is hover over the item you want to price check and press your “Price Check” hotkey that is set, the application will automatically search trade for you and retrieve the results of similar item prices like so:

awakened poe price check

You can then select and de-select the stat modifiers to individually search for items with similar stats, as you can see below I’ve chosen to search for a Watcher’s Eye Prismatic Jewel that provides the modifier “% of damage taken from life before mana while affected by clarity:

selecting stats in awakened poe trade

Check out a full guide on Awakened POE Trade below:

Using The Trade Website

To check your price through the trade website you typically want to search for items that have a similar base, item level and modifiers. Let’s use an example:

Damage over Time Broadhead Arrow Quiver

As you can see, we have an arrow quiver with Tier 1 Damage over Time Multiplier & Tier 1 Physical Damage over Time Multiplier, this is a really good quiver for a bleed bow build, now I want to sell it but I’ve no idea how much it’s worth where do I start?

Firstly let’s look at the base, the base name rests in the border of the items heading on the second line as shown below:

what is a base type path of exileWe want to type the base of the item into the search bar at the top of the trade website like so:

trade search path of exile

Next we see that the item has an influence modifier on it by looking at the left and right of the base type:

hunter influenced item path of exile

So let’s go ahead and add that into our search filter as well like so:

searching influenced items path of exile

Now that we have our base we need to start adding modifiers to the search to narrow it down. We can identify that a quiver like this is predominately aimed at physical damage over time builds, so let’s focus on those mods. Under “Stat Filters” on the filters options you can type in and select all of the different types of modifiers in Path of Exile, lets go ahead and find the ones we’re looking for:

path of exile's trade stat filter

In the stat filter, you can adjust the minimum and maximum values, this is great for filtering between tiers, if you hold alt in-game and hover over your item you can see the minimum value of the current tier your item has and the minimum + maximum rolls, in our case both of our damage over time multipliers are tier 1 which means our minimum rolls are like so:

minimum rolls on stat filter path of exile

Now we are only going to search for tier 1 Damage over Time Multiplier’s on our quivers, this may usually be good enough as these modifiers are rare but just in case, Maximum Life is a sought after modifier so let’s include that into our search as well – we don’t want to add any minimum values

max life rolls on stat filter

Okay now let’s hit search and see the prices on quivers that have those specific modifiers:

search result poe trade

Now as we can see our quiver is worth a ballpark amount of 17 Exalted Orbs, not bad! Now you can scroll down and compare your quiver to the others and determine whether or not yours is worth more or less, each item is different but most carry the same rule.

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