Legion League Mechanics

Introduction to Legion

Legion league was introduced into Path of Exile 3.7, it introduced five of the legions from armies of the past in Path of Exile’s lore.

Timeless Monoliths

When activated Timeless Monoliths will spawn 2 armies in stasis from a moment in time when they were battling, players can decide which ones to unfreeze by reducing their HP to zero before the timer expires. Certain monsters will have special rewards, indicated by an icon above their head showing what item they will drop, these monsters are considerably more powerful.

timeless monolith path of exile

Legion Generals

Timeless Monoliths can contain a General from the army, they are unique bosses that can drop exclusive uniques, they are:

  • Queen Hyrri Ngamaku – Karui
  • General Marceus Lioneyes – Eternal Empire
  • Viper Napuatzi – Vaal
  • Aukuna, The Black Sekhema – Maraketh
  • Cardinal Sanctus Vox – Templar


Legion introduced incubators, they can be applied to your equipment, after you kill X amount of monsters you will receive a drop relevant to that incubator type. Incubators have Item Levels, the higher the area you obtain the incubator from the higher the rarity of the reward from it can be. Incubators will display a bar on your screen to notify you when it is about to complete its incubation, you can find a list of incubators here.

incubator path of exile

Timeless Emblems

Timeless Emblems are essentially the fragment used to enter The Domain of Timeless Conflict. You can collect splinters from Legion encounters in maps, after you obtain 100 they will form an emblem that you place in your map device, you need a minimum of two emblems to enter the domain.

Domain of Timeless Conflict

The Domain of Timeless Conflict is a revealed arena where you can fight up to five of the armies at the same time. The zone contains a monolith in the centre, to activate the fight you must stand near it until you see the timer, the domain can contain up to 5 Generals depending on how many emblems you used to open the arena.

timeless monolith activator path of exile

As you defeat enemies in the arena you can head back to the monolith in the middle to respawn all enemies, the Generals can also respawn, during the fight you will accumulate rewards that will show at the bottom of your screen depending on how many monsters you kill and when the timer expires all of the loot will drop in the centre.

legion rewards domain of timeless conflict path of exile

Once you have completed a Timeless Conflict with four factions in one fight you will unlock the fifth slot for your map device.

5 slot map device unlocked path of exile

Timeless Jewels

The Domain of Timeless Conflict can drop jewel’s specific to each faction you fight, these jewels are very powerful and each one gives a different type of unique effect, they do not give you flat stats like all other jewels, they alter what your passives do on the tree, giving additional effects and bonuses or even completely changing them. For a full list of all of the different passives available, check out the list here.

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