How to Farm Currency in Path of Exile

How do I make Currency in Path of Exile?

The question that burns through every player’s mind in Path of Exile, how do I get rich? In this section, we’ve listed a bunch of different ways for you to make currency in Path of Exile, without having to watch a 30-minute video.

Alch & Go Maps

The easiest way to make guaranteed currency is to simply play the end-game, use an Orb of Alchemy on a map and run the map, it may not be instant currency but it will definitely build up over time.

Blighted Maps

Blighted maps are excellent for making a lot of currency quickly, especially towards the start of the league and they’re great fun to do. From 3.14 you can alch your blighted maps to reap even more rewards, make sure you’re powerful enough to be able to successfully protect the pump before you do this!

Boss Farming

Boss farming, especially at the start of a new league, is probably the best way to make currency in Path of Exile. Specifically farming The Elder to farm Watcher’s Eyes is a favoured way many players make currency, the Elder fragments get really cheap really fast, usually, a set will cost you around 50c within a week into a new league.

Labyrinth Farming

The Labyrinth has been updated as of 3.14 and can now be VERY profitable, you have the option to choose from 3 enchants for a helmet which means you’ll have a very high chance to hit something good on a well-used base like “Alpha’s Howl, Sinner Tricorne”, running Gift to The Goddess will give you 6 helmet enchants, if you use a Twice Enchanted prophecy and find the Dark Shrine that gives +1 font use, you could be in with a shot to make a tonne of currency within one run.

Bulk Selling Items

Some items are very cheap when sold individually, for instance, a Corroded Fossil sold by itself is around 8c, usually, people that are buying fossils will be needing quite a few to achieve their desired craft and using trade to buy individual, low priced items can be a pain. If you hoard up your items and sell them in bulk you could sell them at a much higher price, at the time of writing this, Corroded Fossil’s go for 15c in bulk which is nearly DOUBLE their value when sold separately, they also tend to sell much faster in bulk.

Sell League Challenges

League Challenges may seem tedious, but some people like to get that 40 challenge trophy which is great for you because it means you can sell your challenges! Let’s say one of the end-game grind challenges is to defeat Sirus 40 times, but your build isn’t great at defeating Sirus so you can’t complete it or simply don’t want to do it, you can SELL your Sirus fight to somebody else! Usually, you can find these people in Global 820 chat which you can join by typing “/Global 820” and people will offer to buy the Sirus off you for exalted orbs (usually 3) OR split the loot with you 50/50, some people may offer to stream the fight for you if you choose this option, you can ask for payment upfront or wait till after they’ve completed it, just be wise when making your decisions.

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