Heist League

Introduction to Heist

Heist league was introduced in Path of Exile 3.12, it introduced The Rogue Harbour, a small town made up of Rogues where you can assemble a team and perform a heist on a target without raising the alert level of enemies. You can only enter The Rogue Harbour via a “Rogue Marker” coin, they are also the only currency used in The Rogue Harbour.

Unlocking your Rogues

The Rogues can be unlocked by completing contracts with them in the following orders:Karst, the Lockpick -> Huck, the Solider -> Niles, the Interrogator -> Videri, the Dismantler -> Giana, the Master of DisguiseTibbs, the Giant -> Tullina, the Cat Burglar -> Nenet, the Scout

Contracts & Blueprints

There are two types of jobs you can take in The Rogue Harbour, contracts & blueprints.Contracts are the common heists, you will only need a low amount of Rogue Markers to initiate a contract, you will also only need to take one rogue with you, the artefacts you will be stealing can be sold to the NPC Faustus for Rogue Markers.Blueprints are a lot more complex, they have up to 4 maximum wings where you will be targetting a specific valuable item per wing. You will need to select a multitude of rogues to assist you as well as paying a much more significant fee to initiate the contract, blueprints are used for Grand Heists.

The Basics of Heist

Here we’ll go over the basics of the heist league.

Preparing a Heist Contract

When preparing a contract you need to ensure you have:
  • You have unlocked the rogue needed for the job
  • The correct level on the rogue for the job
  • The correct amount of rogue markers
Once you have all of the above criteria sorted you’ll be able to start your heist, talk to Adiyah, The Wayfinder and initiate the contract.

Infiltrating the Objective

Once you have entered the map you’ll have to make your way through a series of rooms and past guards to get to the target, there will be special rooms you can unlock that will contain rewards marked with the appropriate icon.All item drops whilst inside the heist will be marked as “Contraband” meaning they are not yours until you escape the heist successfully, you can leave and enter the heist area freely but cannot leave through the portal back to The Rogue Harbour or else your instance will close.

Imminent Lockdown

If you open too many chests and fill your alert level bar you will get a counter starting at 22 seconds stating that lockdown is imminent, during this time you can still open chests but doing so will reduce the timer by 3 seconds, once it hits 0 you will be in Lockdown.


Once you are in lockdown certain doors will shut & lock, requiring a rogue to open it, enemies will start spawning and attacking you & you will not be able to open anymore chests or take the heist objective. If you die during the lockdown you WILL lose all of the contraband items and you will not be allowed to re-enter to pick it back up.

Grand Heists

Grand Heists are the money makers in Heist, they can net you some extremely valuable items from the Heist reward & they usually contain a good amount of rooms to loot leading up to the artefact.

Revealing A Grand Heist

When you received a blueprint, it’ll have rooms and wings that are not yet revealed, to reveal them you must pay a certain amount of coins to one of the following NPC’s in The Rogue Harbour:
  • Whakano, The Barber
  • Giania, Master of Disguise
  • Niles, The Interregator
Upon completing a normal Heist contract you will receive 1 reveal with Whakano, if the contract is with Niles or Giana you will also receive a reveal from them. Giana gives you a 40% discount on reveals & Niles gives you a 10% discount.The fastest way to accumulate reveals is to run Deception contracts with Giana, this is because on the way out of the heist there will be no locked doors and you can just run straight for the exit.

grand heist reveal path of exile

Choosing your Rogues

Typically when taking a grand heist you will want one of the following people on atleast one wing:
  • Vinderi, The Dismantler
  • Karst, The Lockpick
  • Nenet, The Scout
  • Tullina, The Catburglar
Why these rogues? Vinderi gives all chests a chance to duplicate their contents at a cost of raising the alert level more when a chest is opened, meaning if we were to get an exalt drop there’s a good chance we could duplicate it. Karst, Nenet & Tullina decrease your raising of alert level from opening chests, if you can pair these with Vinderi in a grand heist you will be able to open significantly more chests for insane amounts of loot.

vinderi duplication effect path of exile

Grand Heist Rewards

A Grand Heist can have several different rewards, unlike the artefacts in normal heists, you will be stealing something you can use on your character:

Blueprint LocationHeist TargetNotes
Bunker Records Office MansionEnchanted ArmamentsItems with specialized enchantments
Smuggler’s Den UnderbellyThieves’ Trinkets or CurrencyDrops basic currency up to Exalted Orbs & trinkets that can increase drop rates of specific currencies.
Laboratory Prohibited LibraryReplicas or Experimented ItemsDrops replica uniques with alternative effects & rare bases with special implicits
Repository TunnelsUnusual GemsAnomalous, Divergent and Phantasmal gems

Heist Cheatsheet

Below is a cheat sheet for what each contract type can give you as a reward:

heist cheat sheet path of exile

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