Harvest League

Introduction to Harvest

Harvest was introduced in Path of Exile 3.11, it introduced deterministic crafting into Path of Exile for the first time, allowing players to craft perfectly rolled end-game items.

The Sacred Grove

The Sacred Grove is essentially a farm, it’s where you’ll find the crops ready to be harvested. To harvest a crop click the sickle icon above the station in the centre of the crops and then the little hammer to begin the fight, once you have defeated all the monsters you can begin to check the crafting options and start working on your items.There are many different possible crafting outcomes and as of Path of Exile 3.14 you can no longer craft on influenced items. For a full list of harvest crafts click here.

Tier 4 Seeds

There are three Tier 4 Seeds currently in Harvest, you must defeat their respective mini-bosses in order to reap the rewards, they are as follows:

Seed NameTier 4 Seed BossCrafting Outcome
Wild ThornfruitErsi, Mother of ThornsReveal a random crafting effect that locks a random modifier on an item when Harvested
Primal BlisterfruitJanaar, the OmenReveals a random crafting effect for Influenced items when Harvested
Vivid ScalefruitNamharim, Born of NightAllows you to give an item a Synthesised implicit modifier when Harvested

Horticrafting Station

The horticrafting is used to store crafts you find in the Sacred Grove, you can place a Horticrafting Station in your hideout to save your crafts for later use, you can have a maximum of 10 crafts in a station at one time.

The Heart of The Grove

The Heart of The Grove is the final boss in Harvest, after you defeat a Tier 4 seed mini-boss they have a chance to drop a fragment to the Heart of The Grove, once you have all 4 you can fight her.

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