Gambling for Currency in Path of Exile

What Is Gambling In Path Of Exile?

Gambling in Path of Exile is how a lot of players make huge profits, taking low risks with stacked decks or taking high risks like using ancient orbs on leather belts to make a HeadHunter. Essentially anything you do in Path of Exile is a gamble but here you’ll find the fun ways you can spend your currency to potentially make a profit – or a loss. Remember to only do it if you don’t mind losing some of your currency!

Popular Types Of Gambles

Below are some of the gambles you can try out for yourself:

Stacked Decks

Stacked Decks are a rare basic currency that barely drops from mobs, however, stacked decks are fairly common in places such as Heist, Blight, Delirium & Legion so their cost is not extremely high. The usual cost of a stacked deck is usually 1:1 Chaos Orbs which means you can buy 100 Stacked Decks for 100 Chaos Orbs. Stacked Decks are probably one of the cheapest gambles with a high reward. Although weighted, it is possible to drop nearly every card in the game with the exception of “The Immortal” which can only be obtained in The Hall of The Grandmasters.

Identifying Watcher’s Eye’s

My personal favourite gamble that has netted me at least 500ex profit. The Watcher’s Eye is a unique prismatic jewel that only drops from The Elder & The Uber Elder boss fights. The Elder’s Watcher’s Eye will have only 2 modifiers and The Uber Elder’s will have 3 modifiers, if you were to buy them from Trade you can tell the difference by the item level, 2 modded eyes are ilvl 85 whereas 3 modded are ilvl 86.

The reason this gamble is so good is because players will farm The Elder and sell their ilvl 85 Watcher’s Eye drops unidentified for 2-3 Exalted Orbs usually (depending on the league economy), Watcher’s Eyes give A LOT of good modifiers for builds, seriously, you can check them out here.With that in mind, you only have to hit one decent modifier to make a profit from a Watcher’s Eye, hitting one good mod can net you a couple of Exalted Orbs profit or even 10+ Exalted Orbs depending on the modifier, hitting 2 modifiers that complement each other can be anywhere between 100-200 Exalted Orbs depending on the build. If you have a huge chunk of currency that you don’t mind splashing out, you can try item level 86 Watcher’s Eyes – if you were to hit a 3 modifier that complements each other (i.e triple hatred modifiers) you could easily be looking at 1-3 mirrors, if you have some spare currency I would highly recommend trying it out.

Ancient Orbing A HeadHunter

Using Ancient Orbs on belts to obtain the lucrative HeadHunter Leather Belt is one of the most popular gambles in Path of Exile. I’ve personally used around 2000 ancient orbs and made about 8 HeadHunters, sometimes in 50 Orbs, sometimes in 400. If you want to attempt this gamble you should try to farm your own Ancient Orb’s as they’re usually quite expensive this can be done in The Beachhead Map, Valdo’s rest with Diplomatic Escort passive, Heist Agility contracts & maps with the Foreboding Delirium orb.The known rate for a HeadHunter is around 1 in 400, however, you can improve this if you use an item level 40-42 belt as it blocks out a whole bunch of belts from being selected from the pool and increased your odds to roughly 1 in 300.If you want to attempt to Ancient Orb a HeadHunter you MUST make sure Nemesis is selected from Zana’s map modifiers otherwise you cannot do it. If the Nemesis mod isn’t available in the league you can use Harvest’s “Infused Nemesis” modifier and it will still work.