Delirium League Mechanics

Introduction to Delirium

Delirium League was introduced in Path of Exile 3.10, it introduced Cluster Jewels into Path of Exile.

Delirium Mirrors

Delirium Mirrors spawn at the start of an area, when you walk through them the entire map will become delirious and fog will start to move from the beginning of the map to the end, delirium monsters and spores will begin to spawn, follow the fog through the map and kill as many mobs as possible to increase the rewards you get. The rewards counter starts at 1 reward, when you hit the 3rd stage it’ll become 2 rewards & then 3 rewards once you hit 5 stages.

delirium mirror path of exile

Delirium Mirror Timer

The fog moves at a set rate across the map, if the fog goes too far the delirium will end, if you run out of the fog too quickly the delirium will end. When you activate certain other mechanics the fog will pause, these occur when:

  • You enter an Alva Incursion
  • You enter Research in the Immortal Syndicate
  • Active a Breach encounter
  • Open a Legion timeless monolith
  • Enter the Sacred Grove
  • Start a Blight and stay in range

Alternatively, you can also extend the fog timer by:

  • Defeating a monster holding an Essence
  • Open an Abyss
  • Defeating a Metamorph
  • Openinga Perandus chest
  • Capturing a red beast
  • Opening a Strongbox
  • Defeating a Harbinger
  • Completing a Blight encounter

Delirium mirrors can drop almost any type of reward, during the encounter the bottom of your screen will display the reward type for that specific mirror, they also drop Simulcarum splinters when you kill a certain amount of mobs, the more you kill, the more you get.

delirium mirror reward bar


After collecting 300 Simulacrum splinters you’ll have a Simulacrum. Simulacrums are special arenas based on cities from the Acts in Path of Exile.

When you enter you’ll encounter Tangmazu (The voice of Delirium), he’ll make you fight 20 different waves of monsters, each more challenging than the last, with even greater rewards. After each battle there will be a huge loot explosion, there are stashes available inside these maps so you do not have to waste portals by leaving to put things in your stash, be aware that if you start the next wave all of the loot on the floor will be removed.

Delirium Bosses

Inside the Simulacrum, you may encounter two bosses, Omniphobia, Fear Manifest and Kosis, The Revelation. They are minor bosses but can sometimes surprise you with their damage output so be on guard for them, when they spawn a special icon will appear on the map.

Cluster Jewels

Cluster jewels, in my opinion, are one of the best upgrades from Path of Exile, they fit into specific sockets on the outer regions of your passive tree, they grant special passives to further min-max your build – they’re so powerful that some builds specifically only head to the sockets to base their whole builds off of cluster jewels.

There are 3 different types of cluster jewel.

  • Small Cluster Jewel
  • Medium Cluster Jewel
  • Large Cluster Jewel

Cluster Jewels can only be placed in the outer sockets of the passive tree.

cluster jewels path of exile

Delirium Orbs & Maps

Delirium can drop orbs which can be placed onto maps to increase their difficulty by making the map delirious, they also add specific rewards. For the full list of delirium orbs click here.

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