Betrayal League

Introduction to Betrayal

Betrayal was introduced to Path of Exile in 3.5, introducing the master “Jun” along with The Immortal Syndicate. When Jun is present on a map you’ll encounter the Immortal Syndicate, you’ll have to defeat all of the syndicate members in a map then choose to interrogate, bargain or execute them. The Immortal Syndicate has 17 different members but only 14 of these can be active in the syndicate at one time.

The Immortal Syndicate Overview

The syndicate is split into 4 different factions, they are:

  • Transportation
  • Fortification
  • Research
  • Intervention
When a faction reaches 100% intelligence, you will be able to enter the syndicate hideout, where you’ll fight through mobs to reach the hideout location, once you enter you’ll have to fight all of the members of that particular faction at once, after winning, you can interrogate the leader and reap the rewards of the hideout. Each member grants different rewards depending on which faction they currently reside in, here’s the full list.

AislingArmor with 2x Veiled modsMetamorph ScarabCrafting station that adds a Veiled mod to an itemWeapons with 2x Veiled mods
CameriaHarbinger OrbsSulphite ScarabsCartographer’s SextantsRandom league-specific Unique item
ElreonUnique ArmorReliquary ScarabsUnique Jewelry/FlasksUnique Weapons
GraviciusRandom Divination CardsDivination ScarabsCrafting Bench that allows you to swap a Divination Card for anotherFull set of a random Divination Card
GuffCrafting bench containing: 20 Orbs of Scouring, (5x) 4 Essences (random), 20 Exalted Orbs, and 1 Vaal Orb. There is a timer of 8, 12 or 18 seconds based on Rank.Crafting bench containing: 1 Transmutation Orb, 1 Regal Orb, 100 Augmentation Orbs, 200 Alteration Orbs, 3 Exalted Orb, 20 Divine Orb, and 1 Vaal Orb. There is a timer of 8, 12 or 18 seconds based on Rank.Crafting bench containing: 1 Orb of Alchemy, 100 Annulment Orbs, 100 Exalted Orbs, 5 Divine Orbs, 5 Blessed Orbs, and 1 Vaal Orb. There is a timer of 8, 12 or 18 seconds based on Rank.Crafting bench containing: 1 Orb of Alchemy, 200 Chaos Orbs, 6 Exalted Orbs, 20 Divine Orbs, 20 Blessed Orbs, and 1 Vaal Orb. There is a timer of 8, 12 or 18 seconds based on Rank.
HakuStrongboxesAmbush ScarabsArmor/Weapons with QualityRandom Rare Items
HillockCrafting Bench that modifies Armor Quality to 21-30%Crafting Bench that modifies Map Quality to 35%Crafting Bench that modifies Flask Quality to 21-30%Crafting Bench that modifies Weapon Quality to 21-30%
It That FledAbyss JewelsBreach ScarabsUpgrades Breachstones to higher levelsBreach Splinters
JanusCurrency ShardsPerandus ScarabsPerandus Coins and a chance for Cadiro Perandus to appearBlacksmith Whetstones and Armourer’s Scraps
JorginRare Items with Aspect skills on them (Bestiary)Bestiary ScarabsAllows you to modify an amulet’s base to a Tier 1-3 TalismanRare Talismans
KorellMap FragmentsElder ScarabsFossilsEssences
Leo2-5 Currency OrbsTorment ScarabsAllows use of a Blessed, Divine or Exalted Orb on an item (orb based on Rank)4-14 Silver Coins
RikerChoose one Unique item within 8 secondsChoose one Divination Card within 8 secondsVeiled Rare ItemChoose one Currency stack within 8 seconds
RinRare MapsCartography ScarabsChoose one Unique MapNormal Maps
ToraLabyrinth Enchanted ItemsHarbinger ScarabsAdds experience to a gemChoose a Currency Stack, Unique, Divination Card, or item 100 Veiled Rare Item within 8 seconds
VaganLegion chests/war hoardsLegion ScarabsIncubatorsLegion Splinters
VoriciJeweler, Chromatic, and Fusing OrbsShaper ScarabsRecolor 1-3 Sockets to Prismatic (White)Random Quality Gems

Veiled Items

Syndicate introduced Veiled items into the game, these are items with a hidden modifier that looks like this:

veiled modifier betrayal league path of exile

You must speak to Jun to unveil these items, once unveiled they will give you the option for 3 different craft modifiers. Unveiled a mod will give you experience towards unlocking it as a crafting recipe for your crafting bench.

How to Obtain Veiled Items

Veiled items can be obtained from Syndicate members, they can also drop from other league specific chests in places like Heist. Certain veil crafts can only be found from specific Immortal Syndicate members. Check out the full list of exclusive mods here.

Setting Up Your Syndicate For Profit

Betrayal is extremely profitable, you don’t necessarily have to optimize your syndicate board to make currency, but if you do, this will probably the most efficient way.

The Basics

Before we start let’s just cover a few things:

  • It That Fled in Research is the most profitable of all
  • There must only be 2 members in Research & Intervention at all times
  • “Rivalry” is better than “Trusted”
  • The board must not contain any “jobless” members
  • Removing “jobless” members is a priority
  • We never run Transportation or Fortification safehouses once the setup is complete

Rivalry or Friendly

We don’t want any neutral characters as they give us less chance to encounter people. Rivalry allows you to rank up characters by betraying others. Trusted allows you to rank up entire factions at the cost of demoting another faction.

The Theory

Essentially we are just going to juggle the Research and Intervention members, every time you complete a safehouse the leader will be imprisoned, if there is already a jobless member they can automatically take the leader role, this is why we must ensure we do not have any jobless members. If there are no jobless members the member in the faction will assume the role, your mastermind bar should be full so any leader imprisoned will automatically be released and you will be able to get them straight back to the faction on the next map.

The Setup

The setup we need is to have It That Fled in Research and either Vorici or Tora (Leo is ok but with Harvest core, he is not worth as much), we need 2 of these people in Intervention: Gravicius, Vagan, Cameria or Tora. Every other master in the encounter must be in either Transportation or Fortification.

How to Achieve the Setup

In order to achieve the desired setup, we must do four things.

Step 1: Revealing The Safehouses

So the first thing we want to do is to reveal all the safehouses ASAP so we can start building our relationships between members, the leaders of each safehouse cannot develop a relationship unless they are removed from the leader position.

Step 2: Developing the Relationships

Next, you’re going to want to run the Syndicate encounters and continuously work on establishing relationships between the members using the “Rivalry” & “Trusted” mechanics until you get the correct members that you need for the set up into the syndicate. The way to do this is to kick current members out of the syndicate and they’ll be replaced by a new random one from the remaining pool.

Step 3: Getting the Setup Ready

At this point you should have all the members you want in your setup, you now need to shift them into position remember you only need TWO in Research & Intervention, shift everyone else into Transportation and Fortification & level them all up to level 3, from now on we don’t run any Transportation and Fortification hideouts.

Step 4: Avoid Bricking Your Setup

There are 3 different ways to brick your setup they are as follows:

  • Fighting The Mastermind – It completely resets your board
  • Resetting a relationship between members to “Neutral”
  • Betray option “Remove All Rivalries” – just lookout and don’t autoclick this one

Avoid doing the above and just keep creating more rivalries and trusted relationships and you should be good to go, enjoy your easy currency.

The Mastermind

Once you’ve collected enough intelligence, you’ll be allowed to enter The Mastermind’s Lair, here you’ll encounter Catarina, The Master of Death.

Note: Some people complete skip The Mastermind as once you defeat her your syndicate board will completely reset and you’ll have to set it up all over again.

Betrayal Ultimatum Changes 3.14

As of 3.14, Ultimatum has since upgraded Betrayal league, fighting and defeating the Mastermind now causes all syndicate members to give a special Tier 4 reward in their safe-houses, these are VERY powerful and make the Mastermind actually pretty good to farm.

Veiled Modifier Changes

These are excerpts from the official Path of Exile patch notes:
  • “Modifiers that are unveiled through Jun are now more powerful than before. Previously, when an item was unveiled, the veiled modifier added to the item would be equal to the highest tier modifier available on the Crafting Bench.”
  • “You will still obtain progress towards unlocking the craftable versions of these veiled modifiers, however, progress towards unlocking craftable versions of these modifiers is now slightly faster and many crafts have had their worst tier removed.”
  • “The weighting of Veiled modifiers has been rebalanced in a way that makes modifiers exclusive to one or two types of equipment more common, while modifiers that can appear on a wider range of equipment types are rarer.”

What does this mean for Betrayal?

This means that Aisling may be the new moneymaker in Path of Exile’s Betrayal mechanic, at tier 4 she GUARANTEES one tier 1 veiled modifier slam onto an item, these no longer count as “Crafted” modifiers, which means you will be able to get a selection of 3 potentially powerful modifiers and still be able to craft more on your item. 

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