Act Progression Tips For Path of Exile


On this page you’ll find a few tips & tricks that’ll help speed up the amount of time it takes for you to complete the Path of Exile campaign acts, this is not a complete levelling guide as the acts are pretty self-explanatory whilst you’re doing them.

Beginner Tips

Here are a few key tips that you should know before plunging into the campaign acts.

Install a Loot Filter

As stated previously in the guide a loot filter is a must-have, it’ll speed up your progress exponentially – if you are unsure of how to install a loot filter check out our guide here.

Use Character Selection as a Portal Scroll

If you’re running low on “Portal Scroll”‘s you can alternatively use the “Go to Character Selection” feature as a portal scroll, when you re-select your character it’ll spawn you in the town of the act you are in.

character selection path of exile

Always Get a Quicksilver Flask

Always complete the quest in Act 1 “Mercy Mission”, this will reward you with a Quicksilver flask which will give you 40% increased movement speed every time you use it.

Look For Boots With Movement Speed

The theme of the acts is “Gotta Go Fast”, finding boots with movement speed is great at the start, always keep a lookout for them. Alternatively, you can make your own pair with the following recipe:

Recipe OutcomeVendor RecipeExtra Notes
Magic Boots with 10% Increased Movement SpeedRequires 1x Normal (white) Boots, 1x Quicksilver Flask & 1x Orb of AugmentationSockets can change however the base will remain the same.
Magic Boots with (X+5%) Increased Movement SpeedRequires 1x Magic or Rare boots with % movement speed, 1x Quicksilver Flask & 1x Orb of AugmentationYou can use this all the way up to 30% movement speed, the base will remain the same.

Figure Out What Gems You Need

Planning ahead will save you a lot of time, consider making a sticky note of what gems you will need for your build before you make your character.

You Don’t Need to Kill Every Monster

Though levelling is great and hacking down monsters is extremely fun, during the acts you should only really kill bigger packs of mobs, leave the ones that are just roaming the map alone.

Don’t Worry About Dying (Unless you’re in Hardcore)

If you’re playing Softcore, you have nothing to worry about with dying. If you have to throw yourself at Kitava 20 times before he dies, just do it, the experience gain loss will not be noticeable at such low levels anyway.

Quests You Can Skip in Path of Exile

There are several quests that you do not need to do, don’t bait yourself into taking them unless you have a reason for doing so.

Act 1-5
  • Mercy Mission
  • A Dirty Job
  • The Great White Beast
  • Through the Sacred Ground
  • A Swig of Hope
  • A Fixture of Fate
  • The Kings Feast
Act 6-10
  • Bestel’s Epic
  • The Silver Locket
  • In Memory of Greust
  • The Wings of Vastiri
  • Fastis Fortuna
  • Map to Tsoatha
  • No Love for Old Ghosts

Note: You may want to do The Wings of Vastiri as you can corrupt the “Conqueror’s Efficiency” jewel reward, hitting 1% Reduced Mana Reserved is usually worth a decent amount of currency.

We’ve added Mercy Mission here because it is technically skippable but we would not recommend skipping it on your first run.

Campaign Quest Tips

Here I’ll note the significant tips to quickly get through those pesky quests so you’re not searching every corner of the map.

Trial’s of Ascendancy Locations

We’ve created a page with all the trial locations here.

How to find Alira (Act 2)

Alira can be annoying to look for if you don’t know how, but actually, she’s very simple to find. Walk along the path from the entrance until you find a lighted torch post (not the ones by the waypoint), you should see a cobblestone-like path, follow it and it’ll take you straight to Alira.

Alira Location Cobblestone Path

Where To Find The Platinum Busts (Act 3)

Although I cannot say the exact location of the busts because the layout changes each time in The Sewer, there will always be one before the waypoint & the other two will be after it.

Kitava’s Torments Location (Act 5)

Kitava’s torments are located in The Reliquary, the torments will always be in each corner of the map.

Location of reliquary path of exile

Path to The Reliquary

Where to Find The Ankh of Eternity (Act 8)

To find the Ankh of Eternity faster, when you enter the zone hug the left side until you find a little bridge to cross, the ankh will be in a chest across it.

Ankh of eternity location path of exile

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