Complete Beginner Guide to Path of Exile

Welcome to our complete guide to Path of Exile. We know how intimidating Path of Exile can appear for a new player, when we’ve finally killed Hillock and we open up that monstrous passive tree for the first time, even experienced gamers may feel overwhelmed. Worry not! We’re here to help you get through the basics so you can start enjoying the intoxicating content Path of Exile offers us.

1. POE: Starting As A New Player

Choosing A Class & LeagueA breakdown of each class and their typical playstyles as well as the different league types.
Sockets, Gem Links & GemsA look into what sockets are and what gem links do.
Basic Currency and Their UsesA look at the different basic currency types with a breakdown of what they do.
Setting Up A Loot FilterHow to set up a loot filter.

2. Leveling in Path of Exile

Resistance & How It Mitigates DamageA look at why resistances are useful and how they mitigate damage.
Act Progression TipsFind out efficient ways of completing the acts through Path of Exile.

3. The Labyrinth and Ascendancy

The Trials of AscendancyThe location of all trials of ascendancy.
The LabyrinthA look at Izaro’s labyrinth.

4. Trading in Path Of Exile

Trading in Path of ExileCovering the trade websites used in Path of Exile and how you’d trade with another player.
Price CheckingHow to price check your own items to help speed things up

5. League Specific Mechanics

Delve LeagueA look at the master “Niko” and his league mechanic.
Betrayal – Immortal SyndicateA look at the master “Jun” and her league mechanic.
Synthesis LeagueA look at the “Distant Memory” maps, Synthesis items and mechanics.
Legion LeagueA look at the Timeless Monoliths you will encounter and The Domain of Timeless Conflict
Blight LeagueA look into Cassia’s Blight league mechanic and blighted maps.
Metamorph LeagueA look into Tane’s metamorph league mechanic
Delirium LeagueA look into simulacrums, cluster jewels and delirium mirrors.
Harvest LeagueA look into Harvest league mechanics and The Heart of The Grove
Heist LeagueA look into Heist league mechanics

6. The Atlas in Path of Exile

The Atlas and Progressing ItIntroduction to The Atlas and how to progress towards the end-game.

7. How To Make Currency in Path of Exile

How To Farm CurrencyOur favourite ways of farming currency to completely max out your character.
Gambling For CurrencyA look at fun ways to either lose your currency or make a profit.