Uber Elder Boss Guide Path of Exile

How to Fight The Uber Elder

To fight the Uber Elder you must obtain all four of his fragments from the Shaper and the Elder fights, once obtained place them in the map device. The fragments are:

  • Fragment of Knowledge (Shaper)
  • Fragment of Shape (Shaper)
  • Fragment of Terror (Elder)
  • Fragment of Emptiness (Elder)

Preparing for the Fight

The Uber Elder fight is a difficult one, you will be taking on the Shaper & Elder at the same time so to ensure our best chances of winning you should have:

  • 8M+ DPS (Path of Exile tool-tip should be around 80-100k as it doesn’t calculate damage correctly)
  • 8k+ Effective Health Pool
  • Immune to Freeze flask, defensive flasks
  • Capped Elemental Resistances
  • A mobility skill
  • Good life regen or leech

Fight Mechanics

In the Uber Elder fight, the Shaper and Elder will have all of their normal skillsets with the exception of the Shaper’s “Bullet Hell” & “Clone”, the Shapers skills can be found here & the Elder’s can be found here. The skills do not change throughout the fight.

Phase 1

When the fight starts you will only be able to damage one of the opponents, the Shaper. The Elder will be immune to damage until you have depleted the Shaper’s health pool down to 75%, once you have done this the Shaper will become immune to damage and you can now damage the Elder, after the Elder reaches 75% he will become immune and summon 4 eldritch portals that summon monsters – the Shaper will still attack you during this phase.

Phase 2

When the Elder is done opening his portals, the fight will resume – same as Phase 1 one will be immune until the other’s HP is depleted to 50%. Once both are at 50% HP, the Shaper will open his portal to summon monsters while the Elder will attack you.

Phase 3

Once the portal is closed the fight will continue as before until both enemies are at 25% HP & then the Elder will open his portals again.

Last Phase

In the final phase, both enemies will be vulnerable, however, you must kill the Shaper first and then the Elder.


Congratulations on defeating the Uber Elder, the following rewards can drop: