The Shaper Boss Guide Path of Exile

How to fight The Shaper

To fight the Shaper you must obtain all four of his fragments from his guardians and then place them in the map device, the guardians & their fragments are:

  • The Minotaur – Fragment of The Minotaur
  • The Hydra – Fragment of The Hydra
  • The Phoenix – Fragment of The Phoenix
  • The Chimera – Fragment of The Chimera

Preparing For The Fight

Before fighting the Shaper, ensure you have at minimum the following:

  • Have over 5000 health
  • Have capped elemental resistances
  • Have a good movement skill like Dash
  • Quicksilver Flask
  • A good amount of DPS (1m+)

Shaper Fight Mechanics

Let’s take a look at the Shaper’s attacks.

Default Attack

The Shaper has a melee attack that does moderate physical damage.

Shaper Ball Projectiles

The Shaper can fire 3 celestial orbs consecutively, they deal 5639 to 8458 cold damage & penetrate 25% of cold resistance.

Shapers Ball Projectiles path of exile
The Shaper fires 3 projectiles

Teleport Slam

The Shaper momentarily wraps himself in the void and disappears, reappearing above the player and slamming the ground you must dodge this as it one-shots most builds. You can avoid this attack by dashing when you see him reappear above you, or activate your quicksilver flask and just keep running.

shaper teleport slam
The Shaper’s teleport slam ability

Note: This move will be noticeable by the voice line “Embraced by misery”

The Shaper Beam

The Shaper uses his signature “Kamehameha” beam, dealing around 15,000 elemental damage per second. The Shaper Beam will always remain in one spot once it is used, making it fairly easy to dodge, the beam lasts for 5 seconds.

the shaper beam path of exile
The Shaper’s Beam

Note: The Shaper will say “Gaze into the abyss” when he is about to use this ability


The Shaper summons slow-moving projectiles in the arena, these orbs will follow you once you’re near them and then explode once they touch you, they leave behind a vortex on the floor which deals cold damage over time. You should always look to make these explode on the edge of the arena’s as to not hamper your fight, they last until the phase ends.

shaper vortex path of exile
Touch the vortex’s on the outer arena

Monster Summoning Portal

At certain points the Shaper will become invulnerable and open a portal to the void, summoning monsters from maps to attack you and Zana, the Shaper will not use any attacks in this phase so just focus on killing monsters & protecting Zana. Zana will be vulnerable during this phase and can have her HP depleted to 0, if this happens she will momentarily be out of the fight while she recovers, unable to help you.

Bullet Hell

From the second phase the Shaper will start using “Bullet Hell”, he becomes invulnerable and continuously summons small purple projectiles that deal 5639 to 8458 cold damage & penetrate 25% cold resistance. This ability is nearly impossible to dodge, luckily Zana will make a protective red bubble in the centre of the arena, this is why we need to protect her. Simply stand in the bubble until the bullet hell is complete, usually, at the end of this phase, the Shaper will use either his Shaper beam or ball projectiles so pay attention and be ready to dodge.

bullet hell the shaper path of exile
Stand in the bubble during the bullet-hell attack

Fighting the Shaper

There are 3 total phases to the Shaper, we’ll go over them now.

The Nexus – Killing Bosses

When you enter the portal you’ll be in the Nexus, you must navigate to the 4 different corners of the map and defeat the map bosses at the end. Once you’ve defeated them the portal to the Shaper’s arena will open and you’ll be able to start the fight with him.

shaper's nexus path of exile
The Nexus in the Shaper’s Realm

Phase One – The Shaper

On the first phase the Shaper will use the following abilities:

  • Default Melee Attack
  • Shaper Beam
  • Ball Projectiles
  • Teleport Slam
  • Monster Summoning Portal
  • Vortex

Once you beat him down to 50% HP the Shaper will teleport you out of the arena onto a random tileset, make your way to the end where you’ll fight a mini-boss called “The Uncreated”, he is slow and easy to kill. During this phase, the Shaper will slowly regenerate health so it’s good to carry a Quicksilver Flask so you can get back quickly.

Phase Two- The Shaper

In the second phase, the Shaper will use the same move set from the first phase but he will now also use Bullet Hell.

When you’ve beaten him down to 33% HP he’ll teleport you back onto another tileset again where you’ll have to run to the end and defeat the mini-boss “The Unshaped”.

Phase Three – The Shaper

On the final phase, the Shaper will use all attacks from the previous phases but he’ll also have an invulnerable clone that uses one of his attacks and then disappears.


Once you’ve defeated the Shaper you’ll have a chance to obtain the following rewards:


You’ll also be able to obtain one of the fragments for the Uber Elder fight: