The Elder Boss Guide Path of Exile

How to Fight The Elder

To fight the elder you must obtain all four of his fragments from his guardians and then place them in the map device, the guardians & their fragments are:

  • The Eradictator – Fragment of Eradication
  • The Enslaver – Fragment of Enslavement
  • The Constrictor – Fragment of Constriction
  • The Purifier – Fragment of Purification

Preparing for The Fight

Before you fight the Elder, let’s ensure we won’t instantly die when we begin the fight, you should try a few things to ensure it goes well:

  • Have over 4500 health
  • Have capped elemental resistances
  • Carry a basalt or granite flask
  • Have a good movement skill like Dash
These small things can be the difference between life and death in the fight, so let’s make sure we’re prepared.

The Fight Mechanics

The Elder has many attacks & is split into 3 phases, check them out below.

First Phase

Normal Attack

The Elder has a normal melee attack which deals a small amount of physical damage.

Ice Spears

The Elder launches Ice Spears projectiles from his hands in front of him, they can apply chill & freeze if you are hit.

ice spear path of exile
The Elder’s Ice Spear Attack
These spears deal between 5006 to 7509 cold damage.

Ring of Death/Expanding Nova

The Elder creates a small ring around him, the outer ring grows around the whole arena and then explodes, dealing a high amount of physical damage. To avoid this you must stand in the centre of the ring.

expanding nova path of exile
Stand in the eye of the nova to avoid taking damage
If you are outside the ring when it triggers you will take 5420 to 6625 physical damage and will most likely be one-shot.

Siphon/Super Siphon

The elder burrows into the ground and reappears behind you which applies a debuff called “Sprouting Madness”, this ability greatly reduces your action speed, he will then create a semi-circle in front of him where he drains the life from you, this skill deals physical damage over time, to avoid it just use your dash ability when he burrows under the floor. After you deplete The Elder to 60% hp he will hit you with “Super Siphon”, you cannot dodge this, The Shaper will bonk him on the head to cancel it and free you.

siphon path of exile
The Elder’s Siphon Skill

Tentacle Slam

The Elder hovers in the air and summons multiple tentacles that will slam the ground around them, dealing physical damage, to avoid them just run away.

tentacle whips path of exile
The tentacles will follow you around, keep moving to avoid them

Rising Slam

The Elder hovers and spins around, this launches multiple cold damage projectiles that will hit in a ring around him, he then teleports to your location and does a slam that inflicts cold damage.

rising slam the elder
The Elder’s Rising Slam Ability

Second Phase

Once you have depleted the Elder’s health pool to 25%, the Shaper will bind him to the centre of the arena and the Elder will no longer attack you. You must protect the Shaper while he completes the seals on the stones. The Elder will spawn portals around him which summon small tentacle monsters to attack and kill him, you must ensure the shaper does not die otherwise you will have to fight the Elder with the same mechanics as phase one and you will no longer be able to get a watcher’s eye drop.

Final Phase

After successfully defending the Shaper, the Elder will release a weak nova and you’ll be allowed to hit him again, simply beat him down and deplete his health pool to 0 and the fight will be finished.

Zana will say “To me Exile, quickly!”, you must run inside the red bubble she spawns as the elder will release a final nova that will kill you if you are not inside.

zana bubble path of exile
Stay inside Zana’s bubble to avoid dying to the Elder’s explosion


Congratulations, you’ve defeated the Elder now it’s time to reap your rewards. The Elder drops many different uniques aswell as influenced items:

Fragment Drops

The Elder will also drop fragments towards the “Uber Elder” fight.

Note: Remember the Watcher’s Eye cannot drop if the Shaper died during the fight.