Sirus Boss Guide Path of Exile

How to Fight Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

Sirus is one of the end-game bosses for the Atlas, you can fight him once you’ve defeated the other four elder slayers, Al-Hezmin, the Hunter, Baran, the Crusader, Drox the Warlord & Veritania, the Redeemer. You can first fight him after you’ve defeated each of the elderslayers at least 4 times each and have Awakening Level 5, after that can fight him after you kill all four conquerors again.

Preparing for the Fight

Sirus is one of the strongest bosses in Path of Exile, he has a series of attacks that make him invulnerable, long-range abilities & high damage of every type, chaos, elemental & physical. He has many different abilities & can desecrate the ground causing damage over time, which can make the fight quite chaotic. For a better chance to defeat Sirus we’d recommend the following:

  • Have over 6000 effective health
  • Have capped elemental resistances
  • Have some chaos resistance, 0% will be fine
  • Flasks to remove burning, bleeding
  • Good amount of DPS (1m+)
  • A jewel with “Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you” implicit
  • A good movement skill like flame dash or dash

Video Guide

Below is a video guide showing how to defeat Sirus, Awakener of Worlds:

Sirus “Invulnerable Throne” Attacks

During the first 3 phases Sirus will have his avatar floating above the fight, the avatar can use several abilities whilst you fight Sirus in the arena, after the end of each phase Sirus will retreat to his throne where he will use these attacks while hovering above the Deatomization Storms.

Beam Sweep

Sirus unleashes a beam from each hand, sweeping the floor until they meet in the middle. Once the beams meet they create a huge explosion at the centre.Between phases, Sirus will use the following voice-lines to indicate the attack is coming:

  • Be utterly annihilated!
  • Creation itself!

Meteor Strike

Sirus launches meteors onto the floor that deal AoE damage after a delay, the location of the meteors is indicated by a red flare on the floor. When Sirus uses this attack he will say one of the following:

  • Rain of stars!
  • Fury of the cosmos!

Meteor Geysers

Sirus creates multiple geysers that cause damage over time if stepped on. Sirus will say one of the following voice-lines to indicate the attack is coming:

  • You are nothing!
  • Why resist!?

Sirus’s Abilities & Attacks

Let’s take a look at the many abilities Sirus can use.

Deatomization Storm

When you enter the arena you will be greeted by a few huge Deatomization Storm’s, they deal damage over time to anything that is touching them or near them and will probably kill you in seconds if you walk into one – they deal chaos, fire and physical damage.

daetomization storm sirus path of exile
Deatomization storms cover the arena in Oriath

Sirus spawns a new storm at the end of each of his phases which is when you deplete his health to 75%, 50% & 25% health. If you die or leave the arena zone Sirus will sit on his throne & start spawning another storm, Sirus is invulnerable if this happens, to reactivate the fight you must walk underneath him.

Default Attack Beam

Sirus fires a small beam in front of him which can easily be avoided, it deals moderate physical, fire and lightning damage.

“DIE” Beam

One of Sirus’s most deadly attacks is present when he says the voice line “DIE”, he will unleash 3 beams of energy in quick succession in a straight line. Until his final phase, the beam will only stay in a straight line in front of Sirus, however, on his final phase, the beam will move towards you so make sure you are listening out for it.

die beam sirus awakener of worlds path of exile
Sirus’s “DIE” beam before the final phase
The Beam has 4 different types physical, fire, cold and lightning, each can subsequently inflict you with a debuff if you’re hit from that damage type:

  • Physical Beam – Inflicts Corrupted Blood
  • Fire Beam – Inflicts ignite with 200% more damage
  • Cold Beam – Inflicts Freeze with 200% increased effect of chill
  • Lightning Beam – Inflicts Shock with 200% increased duration

Meteor Maze

Sirus becomes invulnerable and creates a maze in the centre of the arena, teleporting you to the centre of the maze. After each phase, the amount of walls in the maze increases by one, up to a maximum of three. You must quickly escape the maze, the walls will contain gaps that are highlighted by red energy pointing to the way out. After a certain amount of time, Sirus will drop a meteor on the maze which deals insanely high damage.

Sirus Meteor Maze Final Phase Path of Exile
Sirus’s meteor maze on the final phase

Corridor Blast

Sirus traps you in a tight corridor with impassable walls, he then launches several slow-moving blasts of energy towards you which can be dodged by walking to the left or right of it, depending on its location. If you walk towards Sirus and escape he will be interrupted.

corridor blast path of exile sirus
Sirus’s corridor blast technique

Spinning Beams

Sirus will create 3 illusions of himself and start channelling beams into the centre of the arena to spawn a core of energy, the real Sirus will flash blue before firing the beams and is the only one you can attack. Once he spawns the core the four beams will rotate around the arena, if you are hit by these beams you will take 10% more damage and be slowed by 6% per debuff stack. Once the core expires it’ll leave a strong area of degeneration that deals damage over time, negates life leech, reduces maximum resistances, and applies a shock effect.

sirus rotating beams path of exile
Sirus channels his clones to spawn the rotating beams

Multi Clone Die Beam

In the final phase, Sirus will be able to summon 12 clones in a circle, you cannot attack Sirus while he is doing this, he will then start a voice line and fire a weaker variant of the “DIE” beam, to avoid being hit by the beam just walk around and dash when you hear the queue in his voice line, the voice lines are as follows:
  • “Meaning is.. *FIRES BEAM* AN ILLUSION.”
  • “Feel the thrill of *FIRES BEAM* THE VOID!”
  • “You will long for *FIRES BEAM* NON-EXISTENCE.”
The real Sirus will fire the beam and you can attack him after the beam has ended.

multiclone die beam path of exile sirus
Sirus uses his multi-clone “DIE” beam


Sirus can drop many exclusive rewards including:
Sirus can also drop every awakened skill gem.