Drox, the Warlord Boss Guide Path of Exile

Introduction to Drox, the Warlord

Drox is one of Sirus’s four conquerors and an end-game boss for Path of Exile, Drox is a powerful conqueror who predominantly deals high physical damage & can summon banners with special effects to help him in battle.

Video Guide

Below is a video guide showing how to defeat Drox:

Drox Attacks & Abilities

Default Attack

Drox uses a standard melee attack

Summon Minions

Drox summons several weak minions to aid him in battle.


4 gloves slam along each path until they all connect in the middle.

Rubble Slam

The ground to the sides of the path rubble, after a brief delay rocks, slam a small area around them.

Summon Banner

Drox can summon banners that have these effects:

  • Grants damage immunity to enemy units in the radius
  • Slams the ground when planted, dealing area damage
  • High damage reduction

Glove Slam

Drox summons a glove in the sky, after a short delay it slams the ground dealing huge damage in an area around it.

Double Hands

Drox spawns two hands to melee in front of him.

Exclusive Drops

Drox has several exclusive drops:

  • Warlords’s Exalted Orb
  • Golden Watchstone
  • Warlord Influenced Items
Conquerors can also drop awakened gems with a lower % drop rate.