Atziri Boss Guide Path of Exile

How to Fight Atziri

To fight Atziri you must collect all Sacrifice Fragments, you can get them from completing hidden Vaal pathways found in maps or The Vaults of Atziri unique map.

  • Sacrifice Midnight
  • Sacrifice Noon
  • Sacrifice Dusk
  • Sacrifice Dawn

How to Fight Uber Atziri

To fight Uber Atziri you must collect all Mortal Fragments, you can get them from defeating normal Atziri in The Apex of Sacrifice.

  • Mortal Hope
  • Mortal Rage
  • Mortal Ignorance
  • Mortal Grief

Preparing to Fight Atziri

Atziri is extremely dangerous, she is one of the few bosses in the game that can reflect damage and has a series of devastating high damage abilities. We recommend the following:

  • 6000 Effective HP
  • Capped Elemental Resistances
  • Quicksilver Flask
  • Immune to burning flask
  • Layered defenses i.e spell dodge chance/life before mana etc
Note: If you are playing a build that cannot do reflected damage, if possible, you can swap out your body armour chest for one with the modifier “You and Your Minions Take 100% Reduced Reflected *Elemental OR Physical* Damage”

reflect chest path of exile

Navigating the Apex of Sacrifice/Alluring Abyss

To begin the fight with Atziri you first need to make your way through the arena, defeating the mini-bosses before her.

The Vessel of the Vaal

The first mini-bosses you’ll encounter are the Vessel’s of the Vaal, they are the same as the Vaal Oversoul in Act 2 or the map boss of “Maze” map, they are relatively slow and easy to defeat.

The Trio

The second series of bosses you’ll face is The Trio, they are the map bosses of the “Vaal Temple” map, their names are K’aj Y’ara’az, K’aj Q’ura and K’aj A’alai.

Atziri, Queen of The Vaal Abilities

Spear Throw

Atziri throws a spear at you that deals high physical damage.

Empowered Spear Throw

Atziri throws a volley of spears at you, dealing a large amount of physical damage


Atziri casts the Flameblast ability, summoning a ring of fire that gradually expands and then explodes, dealing fire damage.

Double Flameblast

Atziri casts 2 large flameblasts that cover the majority of the arena, this is her most deadly ability so make sure to avoid it.


Atziri marks several areas of the arena with a small orange circle before calling down a lightning bolt to strike the area.

Empowered Stormcall

Atziri casts an an empowered variant of Stormcall, marking the area in large golden areas that will quickly call down a powerful lightning bolt.

Atziri’s Phases

Atziri has 3 different phases during her fight.

Phase One

Atziri will use the simple variants of her spear, flameblast and stormcall abilities, after you deplete her hp you’ll move onto phase two.

Phase Two

Atziri teleports to the middle of the arena and summons a protective barrier in which she becomes invulnerable, Atziri will summon zombies during this period that walk towards her, if the summons reach her they will give her increased life.

Phase Three

Atziri spawns 3 copies of herself, each holding a different item in her hands to symbolize their attacks, one has a fireball & casts flameblast, one holds a spear that uses her spear attacks, one holds lightning which casts stormcall & the final one holds a mirror that reflects damage. The mirror cannot reflect chaos damage, if you are not immune to reflected damage avoid hitting the mirror at all costs, you only need to kill one of the clones to continue the fight.

Normal Atziri Rewards

Normal Atziri can drop the following rewards:

As well as the Mortal fragments mentioned at the start of the guide.

Uber Atziri Rewards

Uber Atziri can drop the following rewards: