5 Best Farming Methods of Path of Exile: Ultimatum 3.14 (Tried & Tested)

path of exile ultimatum currency

Throughout Path of Exile: Ultimatum, I have tried and tested several different farming methods to make currency, here are the best results based on my personal experiences.

5. Valdo’s Rest – Canyon Nemesis Farming

Canyon maps with “Nemesis monsters drop 3 additional basic currency items” sextant modifiers are the favourite choice in 3.14, having personally tried this method I can confirm you can indeed make tons of raw currency, at the cost of having to pick up loot for 20 minutes straight at the end of the map. After running 50 juiced Canyon maps I found the following results:

  • Total Time Investment: 25 Hours
  • Total Investment Cost: 16903 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Turnover): 26578 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Profit): 9675 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Chaos Per Hour (Profit): 387 Chaos Orbs

4. Essence Farming Alch n Go (Haewark Hamlet)

Essence “Alch n Go” farming yielded surprisingly high results, with the changes to Essence’s in 3.14, being only able to obtain the highest tier of Essence’s from the mechanic itself, farming them in Haewark Hamlet was an absolute gold mine, despite the absolute minimal investment needed, I found that farming Essence’s actually returned an overall better profit margin per hour than the infamous Canyon farming strategy.

  • Total Time Investment: 7 Hours
  • Total Investment Cost: 314 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Turnover): 4028 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Profit): 3894 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Chaos Per Hour (Profit): 556.28 Chaos Orbs

3. Simulacrum Farming

Simulacrums were introduced in Path of Exile 3.10 and have been a viable way of making currency ever since their introduction, having farmed and completing 50 Simulacrums in 3.14, this still holds true. The main problem with Simulacrums is that the content is not easy to do, which makes it a much harder method than most to successfully pull off, however, if you can farm them, you definitely should, here are my personal results from 3.14.

  • Total Time Investment: 20 Hours
  • Total Investment: 10500 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Turnover): 22230 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Profit): 11730 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Chaos Per Hour (Profit): 586.5

I should note that these values do not include how much I could’ve made if I were to level up gems in a second weapon set & used incubators every single time – the profit could’ve been significantly higher had I done those things.

2. Grand Heists (Fully Revealed)

Heist, many people despised the league and the mechanic, I am not one of those people! Heist is one of the most profitable mechanics in Path of Exile still and should definitely be taken seriously, especially towards the start of a league. You do not need a super-strong character to do Heist, just a nice tanky one. Heist was my personal second-highest earner, check out my returns below.

  • Total Time Investment: 15 Hours
  • Total Investment: 2777 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Turnover): 13232 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Profit): 10455 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Chaos Per Hour (Profit): 697 Chaos Orbs

1. 80+ Quantity Blighted Maps (3x Teal Oil)

Blighted maps, AKA Ol Reliable, are a great way of making currency and are fun to do with friends! In Path of Exile: Ultimatum, GGG changed the way teal oil’s work, you can now speed up the blighted map encounter to only take 2 minutes and 30 seconds (if your awakening objectives are complete) using 3 teal oils. After completing 100 blighted maps in 7 hours, it was no surprise it was by far my highest earning farming method that I tried and tested, check out the results below.

  • Total Time Investment: 7 Hours
  • Total Investment Cost: 2563 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Turnover): 11312 Chaos Orbs
  • Total Return (Profit): 7336
  • Total Chaos Per Hour (Profit): 1885 Chaos Orbs

Yep. 1885 Chaos Orbs an hour doing this method, that was with a sample size of 101 blighted maps – I may have gotten extremely lucky and will be retrying this method in 3.15, join me on the journey by subscribing to my Youtube channel here & following me on Twitch here.